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Recent uploads

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  • March 23 - 8 new photos in Melbourne standard gauge freight, Melbourne stations and infrastructure and SCT Logistics freight trains

  • March 22 - 137 new photos in Melbourne stations and infrastructure, Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban, Metro Trains Melbourne - Caulfield group, North McKinnon Centre level crossing removal project, Metro Trains Melbourne trackwork, Melbourne buses, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, Melbourne suburban bits and pieces, V/Line around Melbourne, Caulfield - Dandenong level crossing removal project, Failing rail infrastructure of Melbourne, Long Island steel train, Bus stops and infrastructure, Railway advertising and promotions, Protective Services Officers, Works trains, Bayside Rail Project and Metcard

  • March 21 - 4 new photos in Road coaches, Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands and Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

  • March 20 - 8 new photos in Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban, V/Line workshops, yards and shunting, NSW TrainLink in Victoria, Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands, Pacifc National grain trains and Qube grain trains

  • March 19 - 134 new photos in A Tram to the Park - March 2017, Melbourne tram termini, V/Line bits and pieces, Melbourne buses, Metro Trains Melbourne - Northern group, City Loop, Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's southern suburbs, Southern Cross Station, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, Melbourne suburban bits and pieces, Melbourne tram stops, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's north-western suburbs, Melbourne tram tracks, Works trains, Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands, Melbourne stations and infrastructure, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's northern suburbs, Melbourne tram bits and pieces, Bus stops and infrastructure, City Circle Tram, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's eastern suburbs and Melbourne tram works

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707 Operations

707 Operations operates heritage trains across Victoria, using steam locomotive R707 and diesel locomotive T413.


All kinds of transport can be found in Adelaide - double stacked freight trains, passenger rail, light rail and the O-Bahn guided busway.


Stations, trams, workshops, V/Line, freight and special trains from around Ballarat

Broad gauge

V/Line, suburban, freight and heritage train action on the broad gauge of Victoria


Urban and country buses from around Australia

Eastern Victoria

V/Line, freight and heritage trains from the east of Victoria

El Zorro

El Zorro is a small freight operator based in Melbourne, running a mix of elderly locomotive and units hired from other operators and heritage groups

End of the line

Scraping of wagons and locomotives once they reach the end of their useful lives


All kinds of freight from around Australia, on standard, narrow and broad gauge

Freight in Victoria

Rail freight from across Victoria, on both broad and standard gauge


Photos of V/Line, broad and standard gauge freight, the Overland, track machines, and heritage trains around Geelong. My full set of infrastructure photos are at Rail Geelong

Heritage trains

Heritage trains operated by both steam and diesel locomotives around Victoria


V/Line, suburban, freight and heritage trains, and train station in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs

Melbourne trams

Trams and tramway infrastructure from around the Yarra Trams network in Melbourne

Metro Trains Melbourne

Metro Trains Melbourne has been the operator of the Melbourne suburban rail network since November 2009.

New South Wales

That wacky state up north, where two green lights is a valid signal, and Alco diesels were considered a good idea!

North East Victoria

V/Line, freight and heritage trains on the North East line from Melbourne to Albury, via Seymour

Northern Victoria

V/Line and heritage trains on the lines running through Bendigo and the grain belt

NSW Trainlink

Operator of passenger trains and coaches throughout New South Wales, NSW Trainlink uses a fleet of XPT and Xplorer trains

Pacific National

Operator of freight services throughout Vicotria and the rest of Australia.


The land of the 'banana benders' and 3 foot 6 inch gauge electric trains.

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre

Based in Seymour, the SRHC operates heritage trains across the state

South Australia

Not like Victoria: diesel suburban trains and double stack freights!

Southern Cross Station

Photos of redevelopment work and trains at the main station in Melbourne, Southern Cross. Metro Trans Melbourne, V/Line, NSW TrainLink and Great Southern Rail all operate from the station

Southwest Victoria

V/Line, heritage and freight services on the line from Geelong to Warrnambool

Standard gauge

Two standard gauge lines enter Victoria, from Adelaide and New South Wales. A variety of operators run freight trains over them, as well as interstate passenger trains by GSR and NSW TrainLink


Photos of railway stations around the state

Steamrail Victoria

Steamrail Victoria operates heritage trains all over Victoria

Steam trains

Steam operated trains from around the state

Suburban Melbourne

Metro Trains Melbourne operates the suburban railways of Melbourne with a fleet of electric multiple unit trains, taking over from Connex in 2009


Trains, trams, buses and monorails in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales

Ticketing systems

Transport ticketing systems from around Australia and the world


Track machines, ballast trains, and all of the other things that come out at odd times to keep the railways running

Trams of Australia

Trams from around Australia, both in normal service and preservation


Locomotive hauled transfers of electric multiple units and railcars


V/Line operates passenger services all around Victoria with both locomotive hauled carriages and railcars

Western Victoria

Trains in the west of Victoria


Trains being worked on in the workshops