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Sunbury electrification project

Electrification of the Bendigo line between Sydenham and Sunbury started in 2008, and was completed in 2012. Diggers Rest and Sunbury stations were upgraded, a new stabling yard built at the end of the line, overhead wires were installed above the tracks, and four new traction substations were built.

Dodgy level crossing at Diggers Rest: Diggers Rest-Coimadai Road and Calder Highway

Turn right out of this road when a train is coming, and you'll almost drive around the lowered boom gates

November 08, 2012 19:37 PM

Up end of platform 1 at Diggers Rest

Apparently there were platform height issues here

November 08, 2012 19:32 PM

Bus stops outside Diggers Rest station

November 08, 2012 17:28 PM

Useless PIDS at Diggers Rest station

They scroll through the next timetabled train departure, then change back to 'Welcome to Diggers Rest'

November 08, 2012 17:26 PM

Room for another 3-car long platform extension at the up end of Diggers Rest

Long term the plan is for 9-car trains on the Sunbury line

November 08, 2012 17:19 PM

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