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Last updated Tuesday, 22 January 2019 (2 days ago)

127 photos added in the past 7 days, a total of 61,347 photos sorted by when they were uploaded.

  • Saturday, 19 January

    42 new photos in the Pacific National scrapping A class locomotives, Melbourne suburban bits and pieces, V/Line workshops, yards and shunting, Pacific National Tocumwal freight, Melbourne Museum, Sita Buslines, Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel preliminary work, Transdev Melbourne, Yarra Trams - Melbourne's northern suburbs, Melbourne tram stops and South Dynon locomotive depot albums

  • Friday, 18 January

    58 new photos in the City Circle Tram, Melbourne tram bits and pieces, Yarra Trams - tennis specials, Flinders Street Viaduct, Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands, V/Line at Southern Cross Station, CDC Melbourne, Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel preliminary work, Melbourne Art Trams 2018, Poor service from Yarra Trams, Transdev Melbourne, Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban, Melbourne tram tracks, Melbourne stations and infrastructure, Commercialising commuters, Yarra Trams road fleet, Yarra Trams - diverted and out of place, Melbourne tram stops and Melbourne tramway traction substations albums

  • Thursday, 17 January

    23 new photos in the Qube Logistics Apex quarry train, Poor service from Metro Trains Melbourne, Metro Trains Melbourne trackwork and works trains, CDC Melbourne, Sita Buslines, V/Line - Regional Rail Link, Transdev Melbourne, V/Line bits and pieces, Melbourne stations and infrastructure, Vandals and scroats, Melbourne tram stops and Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands albums

  • Wednesday, 16 January

    4 new photos in the Transdev Melbourne and Sita Buslines albums

  • Tuesday, 15 January

    3 new photos in the Qube Logistics containerised cement train, V/Line rail replacement buses and Melbourne rail replacement buses albums

  • Monday, 14 January

    7 new photos in the Metro Trains Melbourne - Northern group, Transdev Melbourne, Railway advertising and promotions, Vandals and scroats and Failing rail infrastructure of Melbourne albums

  • Sunday, 13 January

    23 new photos in the Pacific National scrapping A class locomotives, South Dynon locomotive depot, Pacific National Tocumwal freight, Southern Shorthaul Railroad grain trains, Transdev Melbourne, Vandals and scroats and Pacific National Warrnambool freight albums

  • Saturday, 12 January

    14 new photos in the Caulfield - Dandenong driver training, Pacific National scrapping A class locomotives, Cranbourne Pakenham Line Upgrade project, CDC Melbourne and Yarra Trams - Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs albums

On this day

5 years ago, 24 January 2014

Chiko Roll panel van parked on the main concourse at Southern Cross Station.

Reorganising my bus photos

4 January 2019 12:28 PM

When I first launched this site over a decade ago, any photos I happened to take of buses ended up in a single album titled 'buses'. Fast forward to now, and there are now 1500+ photos across 60+ pages in that album!
To make life easier I've sorted them into albums by bus operator - you can find the full set here, along with a feed of just newly uploaded bus photos.
X'Trapolis 5M departs Keon Park station, with a route 902 bus waiting at the level crossing
Finally for those you you not interested in buses or trams, I've got a page of just the latest train photos.

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19 December 2018 18:21 PM

As well as taking photos I occasionally switch my camera over to video mode - you can find the results on my YouTube channel

aussiewongm on YouTube.