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707 Operations - Farewell to Murrayville Tour, July 2017

On Friday 21 July through Sunday 23 July 707 Operations run their 'Farewell to Murrayville' tour from Melbourne to Murrayville and return, as a a farewell tour to the broad gauge Ouyen to Murrayville branch line. T413 and H3 led the train made up of a mix of Victorian, NSW and South Australian joint stock sleeping carriages: PCP294, ACZ255, BRS224, SJ282, SJ284, Club Car Victoria, dining car Avoca, NAM2336, LAN2354, BK708 and VAM1.

Vinelander sleeping cars with the Melbourne CBD skyline in the background

Sunday 23 July 2017 16:04 PM
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H5 trailing the empty car move push-pull at Footscray

Sunday 23 July 2017 16:05 PM
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