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Ballarat broad gauge freight

Until 2008 freight trains actually stopped at Ballarat - container wagons loaded and unloaded in the goods yard at Ballarat then attached onto the Pacific National service that ran between Mildura and Melbourne, and grain trains from Dunolly served the Bunge grain silos at Ballarat North.

Pair of grain hoppers stabled in the dock platform at Ballarat

10 April 2012 13:15 PM
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Freight Australia liveried curtainsider trailer at the Ballarat goods yard

18 January 2009 13:14 PM
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Grain wagons stabled in the mill siding at North Ballarat Junction

6 September 2008 14:43 PM
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Stabled grain hoppers at the up end of the Ballarat goods yard

6 September 2008 14:30 PM
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Loaded container wagons waiting for the Mildura freight to pass through

24 May 2008 17:14 PM
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Y119 stabled at Ballarat, loaded container wagons either side

24 May 2008 17:09 PM
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Y119 stabled at Ballarat with container wagons, a ballast train alongside

24 May 2008 17:08 PM
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Empty container wagons beside grain hoppers in the Ballarat goods yard

24 May 2008 17:07 PM
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Y119 stabled on a rake of loaded container flats, along with a lot of empty wagons

8 December 2007 19:57 PM
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Empty flat wagons stabled in the Ballarat goods yard

8 December 2007 19:56 PM
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Local shunter Y119 stabled in the Ballarat goods yard

22 December 2005 15:55 PM
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