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Craigieburn collision, May 2010

Down Craigieburn service with 570M-T-M + 309M-T-M ran up the back of the down empty Apex train which was stopped at a signal outside Craigieburn station. 570M-T-M received most of the damage and needed to be cut apart; 309M-T-M was shunted off by T402 and taken to Broadmeadows as a complete train.

Work on separating 1135T from 570M

5 May 2010 20:34 PM
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Part of the fairing of 570M on the ground

5 May 2010 20:42 PM
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661M now all alone

5 May 2010 20:44 PM
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Passing SG freight in the background

5 May 2010 20:48 PM
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