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Failing rail infrastructure of Melbourne

Melbourne's railway network is held together with bubblegum and duct tape - here are examples of the way that it is falling apart.

Concourse at North Melbourne Station covered with water

What point is a roof if it doesn't keep the rain out?

29 August 2012 19:24 PM
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Mud holes in the track along the Hurstbridge line

26 August 2012 13:37 PM
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Another kind of temporary fishplate for dodgy rails in the Melbourne suburban area

10 August 2012 09:02 AM
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Temporary rail joint on the suburban tracks at Footscray

A short length of rail was replaced, with both ends being bolted into place instead of being welded. Note the missing pandrol clips beneath the fishplate.

5 August 2012 10:43 AM
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Puddle jumping in the Flinders Street subway

26 May 2012 17:53 PM
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Puddle jumping in the Flinders Street subway

26 May 2012 17:52 PM
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Dodgy guttering on the platform verandas leak water onto the Flinders Street platforms

26 May 2012 17:51 PM
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Pair of temporary fishplates bolted to a flawed rail

29 April 2012 13:13 PM
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Mud pumping through concrete sleepered track at Eltham

28 April 2012 14:34 PM
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Still working on the points, at least the 'B' light of the signal is now lit

15 February 2012 16:20 PM
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Our train stuck at Williamstown, Metro staff working on getting the points thrown over

15 February 2012 16:19 PM
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Almost a week later, and the middle screen is still faulty at Flinders Street Station

7 February 2012 13:32 PM
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Next train displays at the main entrance to Flinders Street Station: the middle screen is a dud

3 February 2012 17:54 PM
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Another temporary fishplate bolted to a flawed rail

22 November 2011 08:40 AM
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Temporary fishplate bolted to a flawed rail

22 November 2011 08:40 AM
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Temporary fishplates bolted to flawed rail at Ascot Vale

22 November 2011 08:40 AM
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Weeds between the tracks at Ascot Vale, dying off for summer

29 October 2011 13:33 PM
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Flooded subway at Ascot Vale: is it really that hard to maintain drains?

17 February 2011 08:39 AM
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Interface between Metro and V/Line track underneath the signals at Franklin Street

Note the grass covered bit of non-electrified suburban track that Metro is supposed to be maintaining

13 February 2011 08:09 AM
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'Temporary' timber supports on the down platform verandah at Kensington - it has been like this for months now...

16 May 2010 08:49 AM
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They cover over the top of the new Footscray footbridge, but use perforated panels that let water through?

11 April 2010 09:53 AM
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Reinforcement bars exposed in the piers of the Hampshire Road bridge at Sunshine

10 April 2010 08:27 AM
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