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Melbourne freight terminals

Freight terminals in Melbourne include the Melbourne Steel Terminal, Creek Sidings, and the remains of Melbourne Yard west of Moonee Ponds Creek; as well as North and South Dynon on the western side. Further afield are SCT Laverton and CRT Altona, and Austrack Somerton


August 07, 2010

A number of broad gauge siding branched from the suburban tracks at Albion station

Arden Street Sidings

June 08, 2017

Located on the eastern side of the Upfield line near North Melbourne Junction. Until the 1990s a network of dead end sidings also ran east towards Laurens Street

BlueScope Long Island

January 04, 2014

The complex of sidings at Long Island serve the BlueScope Steel mill, branching off the Stony Point line near Hastings

Boral Deer Park West

May 25, 2013

The Boral siding at Deer Park West is located south of the main Western line, just past the end of the double track, and is used for loading ballast trains.

Creek Sidings

June 30, 2012

Located on the eastern side of Moonee Ponds Creek next to North Melbourne Station, the Creek Sidings were opened in the 1960s as a dual gauge freight handing terminal for Thomas Nationalwide Transport (TNT). Today it is a wagon maintenance facility.

CRT Altona North

February 05, 2017

Originally opened by CRT at Altona North on the Western standard gauge line, the depot has since passed to Aurizon and now Qube Logistics

Hump Yard and West Tower

May 08, 2012

Located between the main passenger lines and Victoria Dock, Melbourne Yard has been swallowed up by the Dockland redevelopments. The hump itself is the last bit left, located between the Melbourne Steel Terminal and North Melbourne station

Kensington Mill

December 05, 2009

Allied Mills operates a rail served flour mill in the Melbourne suburb of Kensington


May 14, 2016

On the Cranbourne line south of Dandenong a single loop siding served a cement silo, where cement delivered by rail from Waurn Ponds was transferred to road trucks

McIntyre Loop

December 18, 2017

Located west of Melbourne on the Albion-Jacana goods lines, on the standard gauge mainline to Sydney

Melbourne Steel Terminal

Located west of North Melbourne Station, next to Footscray Road, the terminal is where steel products are transshipped from broad to standard gauge trains for the journey down to the Bluescope mill down at Hastings

Melbourne Yard

October 24, 2010

Located south of Spencer Street station, it ran from Flinders Street north to Moonee Ponds Creek. Today it is all part of the Docklands redevelopment, except for the area north of Dudley Street.

North Dynon

Located between the main passenger lines at South Kensington and Dynon Roads, along with Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River, the North Dynon precinct includes the Agency Sidings and the P&O Trans Australia container terminal at 'T' gate.

Pacific National locomotive provisioning centre

Pacifc National's fleet of standard gauge locomotives is refuelled and maintained at the Locomotive Provisioning Centre at South Dynon.


September 03, 2011

A short broad gauge siding branches from the Werribee suburban tracks at Paisley

Port of Melbourne

Trains and railway lines at Melbourne's Appleton and Swanson Docks.


September 29, 2012

A network of little used standard and broad gauge sidings exist at Somerton Loop, beside Roxburgh Park on the suburban line to Craigieburn.

South Dynon

Located between Dynon and Footscray Roads, along with Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River, the South Dynon precinct includes the Pacific National operated Melbourne Freight Terminal and Melbourne Operations Terminal, plus the South Dynon Locomotive Depot.


August 24, 2007

A network of broad and standard gauge sidings branch from the freight lines between Newport and Spotswood stations

Tottenham Yard

December 15, 2017

All sorts of stored and damaged wagons clogging up Tottenham Yard in Melbourne's west, with a few operational ones thrown in for good measure

Tullamarine Loop

December 10, 2017

Victoria Dock

September 25, 2011

Rail sidings served two parts of Victoria Dock - wharves 16-23 on the north side, and wharves 1-4 on the south

Wagon Storage Yard

June 30, 2012

A set of dead end sidings located next to North Melbourne Station, between the Reversing Loop and the North Melbourne Flyover. Once used to store abandoned wagons, in recent years Metro Trains have stated to stable their maintance fleet here


December 06, 2008

Hanson operates a rail served concrete plant in the Melbourne suburb of Westall


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