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South Dynon

Located between Dynon and Footscray Roads, alongside Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River, the South Dynon precinct includes the Pacific National operated Melbourne Freight Terminal and Melbourne Operations Terminal

Pacific National's Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon by night

23 May 2009 17:34 PM
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Sims Street Junction looking west towards the Bunbury Street tunnel

23 May 2009 14:29 PM
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Random quarry and cement hoppers stored in Shaws Siding, beside the Melbourne Operations Terminal

23 May 2009 13:25 PM
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Looking east over container yards towards the Melbourne Freight Terminal, 8115 shunting in there somewhere

28 February 2009 14:39 PM
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Rail bridges over Moonee Ponds Creek

28 August 2008 16:44 PM
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Truck departing the Melbourne Freight Terminal

10 June 2008 13:37 PM
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West end of PN's Melbourne Freight Terminal

The pair of big yellow Malcolm Moore gantry cranes are used to move containers on and off trains

10 June 2008 13:32 PM
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Bunbury Street bridge over the Maribyrnong river

27 May 2006 15:37 PM
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Rail Viewing Platform, located to the east side of the North Melbourne Flyover

14 June 2005 12:43 PM
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