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Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

Photos of bits and pieces on and around Melbourne's suburban trains

Washing down a Comeng train by hand at Melbourne Yard

Friday 11 July 2014 13:30 PM
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Comeng M carriage running around with one of the four pantographs in the down position

Friday 9 May 2014 07:49 AM
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Electric arc causes a blue flash when the pantograph crosses a section insulator

At the up end of Sunshine station - the arc occurs because the train is drawing power while powering away from the station, and momentarily connects the two otherwise isolated electrical sections in the overhead.

Wednesday 30 April 2014 17:27 PM
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Lowered pantograph atop a X'Trapolis EMU

Thursday 24 April 2014 14:23 PM
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Raised pantograph atop a X'Trapolis EMU

Thursday 24 April 2014 14:22 PM
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Twin-arm pantograph on Hitachi 273M

Saturday 12 April 2014 13:13 PM
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Coupled Scharfenberg couplers between two Comeng trains

Friday 28 February 2014 08:25 AM
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'Metro Trains Melbourne' decals on the side of a Siemens train starting to turn tatty

Tuesday 25 February 2014 08:36 AM
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Comeng 537M with trial forwards facing CCTV cameras installed

Running around as a fixed 6-carriage set, with 528M up the other end having the same equipment.

Tuesday 25 February 2014 08:31 AM
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Siemens train with the rear headlights still turned on

Wednesday 12 February 2014 08:43 AM
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Microelettrica Scientifica manufactured resistor grids on the roof of an X'Trapolis train

Part of the rheostatic brake system, used to dissipate the energy from the traction motors running as generators.

Saturday 18 January 2014 07:15 AM
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In service Siemens train, with out of four pantographs down

Monday 13 January 2014 17:49 PM
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'Data Version 7.0' on the headboard of a Siemens train

Monday 13 January 2014 08:37 AM
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Good to see PTV focusing on the important stuff!


Monday 13 January 2014 08:34 AM
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Freshly refurbished bogies on a disk braked Comeng train

Note the blue boxes hiding behind the frames - these are the traction motors

Wednesday 8 January 2014 20:08 PM
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Very cramped 'Flemington Racecourse' destination displayed on a Siemens train

Tuesday 31 December 2013 17:19 PM
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Not-quite-right placement of the 'Metro' sticker on the front of a Comeng train

Monday 30 December 2013 18:02 PM
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'Metro' branding still showing from beneath the new PTV logo on an EDI Comeng

Friday 20 December 2013 18:36 PM
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Remains of a Metlink sticker still showing on a PTV-rebranded Comeng

Friday 20 December 2013 08:52 AM
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PTV branding replaces Metro and Metlink stickers on the side of a Siemens train

Friday 13 December 2013 08:54 AM
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Stencilled carriage number on the bottom carbody corner of Comeng 1008T

Friday 25 October 2013 08:09 AM
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Pantograph atop a Comeng train

Wednesday 11 September 2013 15:29 PM
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Comeng 409M with a different coloured yellow on the fibreglass front

Installed after a 2011 level crossing collision with a truck at Springvale

Friday 27 July 2012 08:53 AM
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Mitsubishi motor-alternator beneath an disc braked Comeng

The motor is powered by 1500 V DC power, the alternator produces 415 V AC three phase power to run the air conditioning.

Wednesday 11 July 2012 08:33 AM
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