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Melbourne tram stops

Tram stops around Melbourne fall into three groups: platform stops, safety zones, and signs beside the road.

Decommissioned zebra crossing at the Southern Cross Station end of the Collins and Spencer Street tram stop

23 August 2016 08:59 AM
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Fraser Street tram stop on the St Kilda light rail

27 July 2016 12:49 PM
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Rubbish bin covers newly repaired tactile paving at a platform stop

30 June 2016 13:26 PM
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Floodwaters cover the tram tracks at Flinders and Market Streets

26 May 2016 12:17 PM
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Heritage listed MMTB tram shelter at St Kilda Road and Dorcas Street

22 April 2016 13:37 PM
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Grant Street tram stop on St Kilda Road, with no access to the east side

19 April 2016 13:03 PM
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Keyswitch for the 'T' light at the Flinders and Russell Street tram stop

16 February 2016 13:56 PM
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'T' lights for the crossover at the Flinders and Russell Street tram stop

16 February 2016 13:54 PM
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'Drivers Check Doors' notice at an offside loading tram stop

9 February 2016 13:08 PM
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'Offside Loading' notice at a tram stop on St Georges Road

Tram tracks run in the median strip beside the traffic lanes, with platform stops to the right hand side of the tram

30 January 2016 17:12 PM
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New driver changeover point at Port Junction for route 96 services

30 January 2016 16:32 PM
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Tram stop at the Dudley Street tram siding only seems to get PTV advertising

30 January 2016 15:15 PM
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'Pedestrians give way to trams' signage at the exit of a tram stop

21 January 2016 13:57 PM
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Plastic fences at the Spencer Street tram stop are bending in the heat

18 January 2016 13:22 PM
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'Summer holiday timetable alterations' poster at a tram stop

5 January 2016 17:40 PM
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Passengers from a route 96 tram wait to exit the tram stop at Bourke and Spencer Street

4 January 2016 14:36 PM
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Incredibly narrow eastern exit from the Town Hall tram stop on Collins Street

18 December 2015 13:37 PM
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'Offside loading' sign at the Collins Landing platform stop on Collins Street

Trams open the doors on the right, thanks to the island platform

2 December 2015 12:56 PM
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'No wheelchair access. Please use other exits' notice at the Victoria Harbour terminus on Collins Street

2 December 2015 12:50 PM
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Riding a bike to your local tram stop then catching the tram seems a little odd

14 November 2015 08:58 AM
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Fences at the Melbourne Central tram stop have already been broken

Plastic fences have replaced the metal ones between the platforms a few months ago, after a police car drove into the end of them, and injured the driver

20 October 2015 08:31 AM
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