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Photos of bits and pieces to do with Melbourne's 'Myki' smartcard ticketing system

'Tickets (purchase at cafe)' sign at the Port Melbourne route 109 terminus

Why don't they just install a bloody Myki machine here?

8 January 2014 16:54 PM
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New PTV branded Myki information onboard trams

Notice that the Myki brand has disappeared except for name, and a touch of green.

8 January 2014 16:00 PM
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Drive through Myki machine!

At Tyabb station, where the car park backs onto the platform

4 January 2014 15:48 PM
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'Tag off reader other side' notice at the entrance to platform 1 at Southern Cross

With V/Line running bus replacements and no Myki readers in the coach terminal, presumably passenger are being sent here to touch off

30 December 2013 08:54 AM
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A clean looking Myki reader at Corio station

Clean from lack of use, or because it is a replacement after the last one was vandalised?

29 December 2013 17:58 PM
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Timber box replaces the Myki ticket machine at Corio, presumably due to vandalism

29 December 2013 17:57 PM
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Vandalised Myki ticket machine at North Shore station, with three holes smashed in the touch screen

Also the note receptor is out of use due to vandalism!

29 December 2013 17:14 PM
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'You'll never wait in line with Myki auto top up' advertisement, sitting atop a CVM

24 December 2013 16:49 PM
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'You'll never wait in line with Myki auto top up' advertisement, sitting atop a CVM

24 December 2013 16:49 PM
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Myki FPD onboard a W class tram, sitting on a small metal pole

24 December 2013 16:12 PM
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Barrier staff for the country platforms at Southern Cross Station have now been moved to the far end of the gate array

Possibly they got moved to an out-of-the-way place so they could focus on letting passengers with paper tickets through, instead of having to answer general passenger queries?

17 December 2013 17:41 PM
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Cardboard 'You must touch on every time you board' signs affixed to the country barriers at Southern Cross Station

17 December 2013 17:40 PM
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Attempting to use a Myki on a 北京市政交通一卡通 reader on the Beijing Metro

Unsurprisingly the 'Invalid card' message from the reader appeared quicker than trying to use Myki on an actual reader

21 November 2013 19:10 PM
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Note acceptor removed from a Myki machine due to vandalism

The entire note acceptor is removed, and replaced by a temporary blanking plate

12 November 2013 17:59 PM
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Myki reader with the blue Myki logo rubbed off, replaced by a target drawn on with texta

7 November 2013 20:40 PM
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Year-old 'Myki is the only ticket you can use from 29th December' still in place on a Transdev bus

29th December *2012* is when the sticker refers to!

7 November 2013 17:24 PM
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'Reset default fare' message after a V/Line conductor checked the myki

6 November 2013 21:27 PM
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Unofficial 'This terminal is for Myki card information only' message on a Myki check machine

The blue colour is the only difference between it and a normal Myki reader

6 November 2013 18:03 PM
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'Paper tickets only' sign beside the entrance to the country platforms at Southern Cross

6 November 2013 16:41 PM
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Myki stickers on the brand new E class trams

4 November 2013 12:42 PM
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'Touch off and on' indicates a default fare has been charged

A default fare occurs when you don't touch off after making a trip - in the case of a zone 1+2 passenger, or someone using a Myki pass, the default fare is the same as the fare you were supposed to pay

29 October 2013 20:33 PM
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Myki ticket machine under a small shelter at Gisborne station

26 October 2013 10:22 AM
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Bank of Melbourne promotion - sign up for a new bank account, get a Myki with $50 on it

23 October 2013 16:22 PM
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New PTV fare evasion campaign signs at a tram stop - 'To avoid a fine, make sure you touch on'

18 October 2013 18:20 PM
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