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New page for wagon photos

24 May 2010 11:06 AM

I have added a new page that just displays wagon and container images, sorted by when I have uploaded or updated them, not by when they were taken like the rest of the site. Before you could only go to the the list of albums by wagon type.

I usually upload wagon photos after my 'usual' train photos to avoid clogging up the recent upload page, plus I have a large backlog of photos I am currently uploading that would otherwise go unnoticed. You can visit the new page at:


V/Line's new livery - Part 3: locomotives

12 May 2010 15:48 PM

V/Line started repainted carriages and railcars in their new livery in mid 2007, but it took over a year for the first locomotive to emerge.

New liveried N468 was the first locomotive to be painted into the new livery, being released in May 2008.

N468 on the down at North Geelong

This livery was a one off, the second locomotive to be repainted was N460 in September 2008, which receive a yellow front in place of the grey. N468 being altered to match in November the same year. After this time every N class undergoing an overhaul has been repainted into the same version of the livery (the exception for a few patch-up jobs on the N classes involved in the Stonyford derailment).

Freshly repainted N460 on the up at North Shore

Despite the large number of decrepit looking P classes in the fleet, for the next year only N classes were (...)

V/Line's new livery - Part 2: railcars

12 May 2010 14:25 PM

Sprinter 7007 was the first of the class to be painted in the new V/Line livery, being launched to the public on September 12th, 2007.

Repainted Sprinter 7007 with 7010 run around at South Kensington

No further Sprinters were painted in the same way as 7007, where the bands ended midway along the train.

Instead the purple band was eliminated, and the red band carried through to the end of the carbody. Sprinter 7002 was first to be released in this variant in November 2007.

Refurbished Sprinter 7002 in the new modified V/Line livery at South Geelong

The final tweak to the livery was a change in the pilot colour to red - it debuted on Sprinter (...)

V/Line's new livery - Part 1: carriages

12 May 2010 00:00 AM

V/Line commenced repainting their carriage fleet into a new grey, white and red livery in late 2007, the offical launch being on September 12th at Southern Cross Station. So where have they gotten up to since?

It took a year for a final version to appear, with carriages being progressively repainted with just a few remaining as of 2010.