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P&O Trans Australia MA2/AM2 service

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P&O Trans Australia commenced running their own rail container service between Melbourne and Adelaide in October 2009, running as train numbers MA2/AM2. The locomotives and rollingstock are hired from CFCLA, the wagons being CQWY well wagons and CQMY container flats.

In Melbourne the train departs from North Dynon. There is also a trip train working between the DP World siding at Swanson Dock West and North Dynon, usually a push-pull via the Bunbury Street tunnel due to the lack of a direct link between the two sidings.

Previously POTA had their containers conveyed on QR National's MA6/AM6 service that ran 5 to 6 days per week. As a result QR National has dropped this service back to 3 days per week, with additional loading being transferred to SCT Altona where it is attached to SCT's MP9/PM8 services.

G515 leads the AM2 shuttle from North Dynon towards Swanson Dock

The first run of the service was to be VL355 with B76, but did not depart as such, the B class developing a fault:

VL355 and B76 await departure on the new P&O MA2 service to Adelaide

VL355 with VL356 became the usual locomotives for the next few months:

VL355 leads VL356 on MA2 yet again, this time over the Moorabool Viaduct

By November 2009 CFCLA owned G classes G512 and G515 started to appear with the VLs, and later replaced them:

The last few rays of sunshine fall on MA2 at Moorabool

Eventually G512 and G515 became the usual motive power, B76 and HL203 being occasional visitors.

SCT liveried G512 leads CFCLA liveried G515 on MA2, overtaking N462 on a down Geelong service at Lara

POTA withdrew their AM2/MA2 services from July 2011, with the service to Adelaide being replaced by a Melbourne-Horsham service.


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