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Wagons for Metro works trains

Saturday 24 April 2010 14:19 PM | Categories:

This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of articles and photoessays on various railway subjects - there are times when an album or sequence of photos are just not enough to tell a story.

Metro Trains Melbourne have previous announced that they will be running their own works trains, insead of contacting out to other operators as Connex did. To acheive this, they are leasing locomotive and rolling stock from CFCLA.

A number of wagons have been modified at SSR Bendigo (see here for some photos).

On April 01, 2010 the first rake of wagons was brought to Melbourne from Bendigo, consisting of eight container wagons fitted with two spoil containers each, behind T369 and T376. (video by Steve Molloy of the transfer) The wagons are all CFCLA blue with the containers painted yellow. After a number of days in the Melbourne Yard arrivals roads, they were moved to the little used broad gauge tracks on the docks side of North Dynon.

CFCLA flat wagons at Melbourne Yard arrivals, fitted with new spoil containers for MTM suburban works trains

The wagons included:

  • CQRX 304Y (with bins 09 and 10)
  • CQRX 303F (with bins 05 and 08)
  • CQRX 317D (with bins 16 and 18)
  • CQRX 305A (with bins 13 and 14)
  • CQRX 306J (with bins 12 and 11)
  • CQOY 2197Y (with bins 02 and 03)
  • CQOY 2393P (with bins 04 and 06)
  • CQRX 302T (with bins 01 and 07)

On April 20, 2010 a second rake of wagons was transfered to Melbourne behind B80 and T377. This train included some additional container wagons with spoil containers, 15 CHOY ballast hoppers, and a flat wagon with a containerised generator set. The wagon numbers are:

  • CFSX 125G (genset wagon)
  • CHOY 6022E
  • CHOY 6046K
  • CHOY 6027D
  • CHOY 6021S
  • CHOY 6028M
  • CHOY 6026R
  • CHOY 6023N
  • CHOY 6016J
  • CHOY 6024W
  • CHOY 6019N
  • CHOY 6025X
  • CHOY 6031D
  • CHOY 6047T
  • CHOY 6020F
  • CHOY 6045B
  • CFLX 18U (with bins 22 and 19)
  • CQRX 308E (with bins 17 and 15)
  • CQOY 2219V (with bins 20 and 21)

These wagons have also been moved to North Dynon, making one rake of works wagons.

The CHOY hoppers originally wore the VZMF code under government ownership, in early 2007 CFCLA begun to refurbish the wagons, replacing the 8 bottom discharge doors to 4 larger ones. They also fitted some hoppers with radio control of the air operated doors, the reminder of the fleet retaining the manual control by an operator flicking switches while standing on the end platform.

For use on suburban works trains a cage has been added above each operator platform for protection of the overhead wiring, lighting has been also added to the wagons on each platform and above each bogie. Power is supplied by a cable running the length of the rake, with jumper cables between each wagon.

CHOY 6020F, one of 15 hoppers modified for suburban works trains. The notable change is the cage over the operator platform at the B end

Wagon CFSX 125G (formerly a sleeper discharge wagon, initially coded VZSX when built on VLCX underframes in the late 1980s) carries the generator set, located inside a 20 foot ISO shipping container that is strapped to the deck. The wagon has also been fitted with lighting and handrails.

CFSX 125G: what looks to be a cut-down ELX, fitted with lighting, handrails, and a container mounted genset to run everything

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