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  • Friday, 11 June

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  • Thursday, 10 June

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  • Wednesday, 9 June

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  • Tuesday, 8 June

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  • Monday, 7 June

    1 new photo in the V/Line rail replacement buses album

  • Sunday, 6 June

    2 new photos in the Melbourne suburban passenger information displays and V/Line - Regional Rail Link albums

  • Friday, 4 June

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  • Thursday, 3 June

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5 years ago, 15 June 2016


Something different: Hong Kong

19 December 2010 17:02 PM

If you have been following my photo uploads, then you might have noticed a big gap in late November / early December. That was because I was on holiday in Hong Kong!

Platform screen doors

Tram 105 on Hong Kong Island

Chinese diesel hauling a northbound Through Train

I have started going through all of my photos and started uploading them to my Flickr account: you can find the photos here. I have also been putting together some photo essays on various Hong Kong related topics, they are slowly appearing over at my other website: the photo essays are all listed here.

I figured the overseas stuff belonged on a different website, even if some of their diesel locomotives were built in Australia and ended up back here...

Another backlog of updates

15 July 2010 22:55 PM

Over the past week or so I have been out chasing El Zorro grains up north.

On Friday July 9 I headed down to Geelong to see a down train depart, on the way I saw the up Mildura pass through Melbourne, a PN grain at North Geelong, and the GWA sleeper train for Adelaide at Inverleigh. The El Zorro locos were getting service at Geelong Loco, Y168 being taken off the train after suffering a hotbox on the trip from Tocumwal. The locos ended up getting stabled, leaving me with nothing else to see.

On the morning of Monday July 12 the El Zorro train was due to depart Geelong for Birchip, I headed out to St Arnaud to wait for it at sunrise, but nothing came though. It turned out the train was delayed at Warrenheip due to a failed Pacific National train, then needed to wait for a path between Ballarat and Maryborough between V/Line driver training specials. I headed south to Maryborough to wait for it, following the train back north to Donald, where the crew stabled the train in the yard, having run out of hours for the day.

On Tuesday July 13 the train finally made it up to Birchip to load, having left a bit earlier than I expected. I followed the train back south to Maryborough, where the train stabled as per usual, waiting for a path to Ballarat, the line having been crippled by V/Line to run their once daily passenger train.