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Mee's Bus Lines

24 June 2022

Mee's Bus Lines operates charter and school bus services in Melbourne.

Melbourne Airport car park buses

9 March 2023

Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited (APAC) operates a small fleet of buses to shuttle passengers and staff between the terminals at Melbourne Airport and the outlying car parks.

Melbourne Airport Rail

9 March 2023

The Melbourne Airport Rail is building a new double track railway branch from Albion station to Melbourne Airport, running parallel to the existing Albion-Jacana freight line as far as Keilor East, then following Airport Drive and Melrose Drive to the terminal area.

Melbourne Art Trams 2013

24 December 2013

As part of the 2013 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: http://www.yarratrams.com.au/media-centre/news/articles/2013/exploring-melbourne%27s-art-trams/

Melbourne Art Trams 2014

14 November 2014

As part of the 2014 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: http://2014.festival.melbourne/connect/artist-statements/

Melbourne Art Trams 2017

17 November 2017

As part of the 2017 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: https://www.festival.melbourne/2017/events/melbourne-art-trams/

Melbourne Art Trams 2018

8 September 2019

As part of the 2018 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: https://www.festival.melbourne/2018/events/melbourne-art-trams/

Melbourne Art Trams 2019

10 February 2020

As part of the 2019 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: https://www.festival.melbourne/2019/events/melbourne-art-trams/

Melbourne Art Trams 2021

11 March 2022

As part of the 2021 Rising Melbourne festival six trams have been decorated in designs by six First Peoples artists: https://rising.melbourne/arttrams

Melbourne Art Trams 2022

1 February 2023

As part of the 2022 Rising Melbourne festival six trams have been decorated in designs by six First Peoples artists: https://rising.melbourne/festival-program/first-peoples-melbourne-art-trams-2022

Melbourne broad gauge freight

3 December 2022

Miscellaneous Pacific National broad gauge freight movements through Melbourne - there isn't much these days...

Melbourne Bus Link

25 April 2013

Melbourne Bus Link operated nine bus routes in Melbourne's inner west and south-east between 1998 and 2013, that were once part of the government operated Met Bus.

Melbourne by night

25 January 2007

A look at Melbourne after the trains stop running...

Melbourne cable tramway remnants

6 August 2014

Engine houses, tram depots, and other pits and pieces remaining of Melbourne's once extensive cable tramway network. The last Melbourne cable tram ceased running on 26th October 1940.

Melbourne electric multiple unit interiors

18 January 2023

Interior views of Melbourne's electric multiple unit trains.

Melbourne freight terminals

Freight terminals in Melbourne include the Melbourne Steel Terminal, Creek Sidings, and the remains of Melbourne Yard west of Moonee Ponds Creek; as well as North and South Dynon on the western side. Further afield are SCT Laverton and CRT Altona, and Austrak Somerton

Melbourne infrastructure inspection trams

25 April 2022

Infrastructure inspection equipment fitted to Melbourne trams.

Melbourne Museum

19 January 2019

Melbourne Museum is a natural and cultural history museum located in the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne rail network accessibility

30 August 2022

A look at how accessible the Melbourne railway network is for people with limited mobility.

Melbourne rail replacement buses

8 March 2023

When the *%@! hits the fan on Melbourne's rail network, buses have to be called in to operate a replacement service for passengers.

Melbourne railway traction substations

26 January 2023

Scattered around Melbourne's suburban railway network, 68 traction substations convert 22,000V AC power supplied by electricity companies to the 1500V DC used by trains. The extension of suburban trains to South Morang and Sunbury will add four more. (a different source put the number in 2008 at 67 substations and 23 tie stations)

Melbourne Royal Tram 2018

18 October 2018

On 18 October 2018 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle headed to South Melbourne to ride a Melbourne tram as part of their Australian tour.

Melbourne signal boxes

11 November 2022

Signal boxes that control trains across Melbourne

Melbourne signals and signalling equipment

18 January 2023

Signals and signalling equipment from Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

Melbourne stanchions and overhead line electrification

1 February 2023

Overhead wires used to supply power to electric trains

Melbourne stations and infrastructure

9 March 2023

Photos of railway infrastructure in suburban Melbourne - stations, signals, and such

Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

24 February 2023

Photos of bits and pieces on and around Melbourne's suburban trains

Melbourne suburban Digital Train Radio System

29 November 2022

The GSM-R based Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) replaced the analogue Urban Train Radio System (UTRS) used for communication on the Melbourne suburban rail network. Approximately 100 base stations make up the system with more than 70 new towers added to cover the network. Work stated in September 2009 and was completed in 2011, with trials of the on train equipment starting in 2012.

Melbourne suburban passenger information displays

9 March 2023

Next train displays at Melbourne suburban railway stations.

Melbourne tram and train passenger counting

14 September 2022

Various technologies have been used to count passengers on trains and trams - old fashioned counting, and hi-tech Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CCTV based system.

Melbourne tram bits and pieces

24 February 2023

Photos of bits and pieces on and around Melbourne's trams

Melbourne Tram Museum at Hawthorn Depot

30 January 2016

Housed in the former Hawthorn Tram Depot, the Melbourne Tram Museum features a collection of 20 heritage tramcars and related tramway memorabilia

Melbourne tram sidings

11 December 2020

Around the Melbourne tram network are a small number of sidings that lie off the main running lines, usually used to store trams before and after special events.

Melbourne tram simulators

29 November 2022

Yarra Trams has two tram simulators located at New Preston Depot: a full cab simulator for the E class, and a smaller portable unit for the B2 class.

Melbourne tram stop closures

12 July 2017

In recent years many tram stops in Melbourne have been permantly closed, either replaced by nearby platform stops in an failed effort to speed up services, or due to safety concerns with motorists speeding past stopped trams.

Melbourne tram stop platform rebuilds

26 May 2016

In 2014 it was discovered that existing platform stops across the Melbourne tram network were of a non-compliant height, so Yarra Trams had to go back and raise the surface of each one to current standards.

Melbourne tram stops

24 February 2023

Tram stops around Melbourne fall into three groups: platform stops, safety zones, and signs beside the road.

Melbourne tram termini

18 September 2022

Melbourne's tram network consists of 29 regular routes, and quite a number of regular termini!

Melbourne tram tracks

18 January 2023

Tram tracks, pointwork, junctions, signals and so on from around the Melbourne tram network.

Melbourne tram works

18 January 2023

Trackwork and maintenance work from around the Yarra Trams network in Melbourne

Melbourne tramway overhead

25 April 2022

A web of overhead wires is needed to supply the electricity that powers Melbourne's tram fleet

Melbourne tramway squares

1 February 2023

Melbourne has three 'tramway squares' where 1500 V DC powered trains cross the tracks of 600 V DC powered trams on the level. They are located at Glenhuntly, Riversdale and Kooyong, with the fourth at Gardiner since grade separated.

Melbourne tramway traction substations

31 July 2022

As of 2009 there were 41 traction substations scattered around Melbourne, converting the AC mains power to the 600 V DC required by trams. (a different source in 2008 put it as 46)

Melbourne transport murals

2 August 2022

Murals featuring public transport, found at Melbourne railway stations and tram stops

Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Upgrade Project

22 January 2023

The Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Upgrade Project includes the installation of new platform smoke extraction systems, upgraded station sprinklers and alarm system at Parliament, Melbourne Central and Flagstaff stations.

Melbourne Visitor Shuttle

3 May 2017

The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle was a tourist-oriented bus service operated by Driver Bus Lines on behalf of the City of Melbourne from March 2006 until August 2017. Originally free and known as the 'Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle', it was renamed 'Melbourne Visitor Shuttle' in 2013, with fares introduced in October 2013