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High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project

13 July 2021

The High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project (previously the Cranbourne Pakenham Line Upgrade project) is being delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Authority to support the new High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) fleet. The work includes track duplication on the Cranbourne line at Dandenong South, minor platform extensions, and the replacement of signalling, overhead wires and traction substations along the Cranbourne and Pakenham railway lines.

High Capacity Corridor Upgrade rail replacement buses

11 January 2019

The High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project is upgrading the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines to support the new High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) fleet. As a result Metro Trains and V/Line rail services have needed to be replaced by buses.

High Capacity Metro Train compatibility testing

20 December 2020

High Capacity Metro Trains have been sent to Flemington Racecourse, Burnley Sidings on the Glen Waverley line, and Elsternwick on the Sandringham line to ensure that a misrouted HCMT train would be compatible with existing infrastructure.

High Capacity Metro Train mockup at Birrarung Marr

1 October 2019

In February 2018 the mockup High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) was placed on public display at Birrarung Marr

High Capacity Metro Train test running

5 July 2021

High Capacity Metro Trains have been running between the depot at Pakenham East and the Melbourne CBD as part of the testing program, with each train needing to run 4,000 km before being accepted, with 2,000km of that running without incident in simulated passenger service.

High Capacity Metro Train testing at Rushall

21 January 2021

In January 2021 a number of High Capacity Metro Trains were sent on the Mernda line as far as Reservoir, in order to test how the new trains would handle the curve at Rushall, the sharpest on Melbourne's rail network.

High Capacity Metro Train testing on the Belgrave line

14 January 2021

On the evening of 12 March 2020 HCMT set 2 was transferred to Upper Ferntree Gully behind P18 and T385 in preparation for brake testing on the Belgrave line, between Upper Ferntree Gully and Upwey. During January 2021 another testing program was completed on the line, with HCMT sets 3 and 10 testing whether a HCMT set could push and pull a failed classmate up the 1 in 30 grade.

High Capacity Metro Train testing on the Craigieburn line

18 December 2020

On the morning of 1 November 2020 HCMT set 3 was sent out to Kensington on the Craigieburn line to test the compatibility of the new trains with existing infrastructure.

High Capacity Metro Train testing on the Sunbury line

16 February 2021

In September 2020 the testing of HCMT trains commenced on the Sunbury line. Early movements were at night to allow testing of platform clearances, with testing between revenue services commencing on September 30.

High Capacity Metro Train testing on the Werribee line

29 October 2020

On the evening of 2 January 2020 HCMT set 2 commenced brake testing runs on the Werribee line, between Newport and Werribee. The train had been delivered to the stabling yard at Newport Workshops a week earlier, hauled by a pair of diesel locomotives.

High Capacity Metro Train transfer, November 2018

29 November 2018

On the morning of 29 November 2018 the first completed High Capacity Metro Train set was transferred from the Downer facility at Newport Workshops to the future HCMT depot at Pakenham East, stopping multiple times along the way to inspect the new train was moving safely.

Southern Shorthaul Railroad run the transfer, with S302 in the lead, followed by a mix of 20 SSR grain wagons usually used on the Kensington grain service, then by S317, T385 and T363, generator van BVDY51, and finally the HCMT set. The emergency brake was operational onboard the new train, but the ECP service brake was not, hence additional braking wagons were required to accompany the movement.

High Capacity Metro Trains at Newport Workshops

8 May 2021

The new High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) fleet is being assembled by Downer at the Newport Workshops in Melbourne's west, with the body shells assembled by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles in China.

High Capacity Metro Trains enter service

27 December 2020

On 27 December 2020 the first High Capacity Metro Train carried passengers, HCMT set 11 did the honours running a single service from Pakenham to Flinders Street Station and return. The day was low key, with no special ceremonies to mark the occasion and little media attention, the train full of the families of those who built the train, and a gaggle of railfans who found out that the train was running.

Hitachi transfer to Bendigo, May 2018

23 May 2018

After a number of failed attempts, on the evening of 22 May 2018 retired Hitachi train 296M + 1994T + 295M was transferred from Newport Workshops to the SSR workshops at Bendigo North behind T386 and T363 running push-pull.

Hitachi transfer with T378 to Ballarat, August 2008

31 August 2008

SRHC's T378 took Elecrail Hitachi set 7M-1994T-225M-89M-1946T-99M from Newport to Ballarat Workshops via North Geelong for refurbishment. Here are some shots between Lara and Warrenheip.

Hitachi transfer, January 2009

18 January 2009

El Zorro took CFCLA liveried T369 out light engine from Dynon to Ballarat to pick up a refurbished Hitachi set from Alstom's North Ballarat Workshops. The set was 23M-2007T-233M + 9M-1919T-144M and was taken to Newport Workshops

Hitachi transfer, September 2015

10 October 2015

After being withdrawn from service and stored at Macaulay, the trio of Hitachi trains have been reactivated and transferred to Newport Workshops awaiting their final fate

Hope Street Bus Line

29 September 2012

Until September 2012 route 509 in Brunswick was operated by Hope Street Bus Line

Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade

20 January 2019

The Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade is duplicating the section of single track between Heidelberg and Rosanna, raising the railway line over Lower Plenty Road, and rebuilding Rosanna station.

I can't believe it's not...

6 April 2021

Photoshops and such

ICE radio equipment

9 March 2020

In December 2014 the last of seven analog railway systems used on the ARTC network were switched off, following the completed roll out of the digital, 3G-based National Train Communications System (NTCS) project.

IEV100 track evaluation vehicle

19 July 2021

Formerly known as EM100, IEV100 is a track evaluation vehicle that traverses the Victorian railway network to test track quality. Diesel powered, it has both standard and broad gauge bogies.

Incomplete Maldon - Dombarton railway bridge

10 June 2017

A partially completed bridge over the Cordeaux River near Maldon, New South Wales. It forms part of the Maldon - Dombarton railway line that commenced construction in the 1980s and was cancelled soon after.

Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102 transfer, January 2017

5 January 2017

Metro Trains Melbourne's Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102 developed a brake issue in December 2016, with the T-IEV-T consist having having to be transferred back to Melbourne behind B76 and B80. In January IEV102 was transferred to Bendigo behind B76 and B80, with six freight wagons (BODX 2301C, BQCX 2202B, BQIX 2461D, IEV 102, BQCX 2201P, BQIX 2459V and BODX 2460V) along for the ride to counteract the unbraked carriage.

Journey Beyond Rail - Great Southern

11 January 2020

The 'Great Southern' is a luxury rail cruise train operated by Journey Beyond Rail between Adelaide and Brisbane via Melbourne and Sydney. The train commenced running in 2019 using carriage stock usually used on The Ghan.

Just another tram versus car, June 2013

12 June 2013

The tram I was on was heading north past peak hour congestion on Flemington Road when I heard a *crunch* - the tram came to a stop, as did the tram behind us. I opened the window and saw a Mercedes with a scratched up front panel pass the tram tooting their horn, while the driver left the cab and went back to talk to the other driver. We caught up to the car at the next set of traffic lights.

K190 transfer to Castlemaine, 2011

29 October 2011

On 29 October 2011 Steamrail steam locomotive K190 was transferred from Newport to Castlemaine, to help out over summer at the Victorian Goldfields Railway

Kananook Train Storage Facility

24 December 2019

A new stabling yard is being constructed north of Kananook station, to offset the loss of stabling sidings at Carrum station as part of the level crossing removal project there.

Kastoria Bus Lines

13 July 2021

Kastoria Bus Lines operates bus services in Melbourne's north-west and western suburbs

Keep clear of the tram tracks- October 2012

25 October 2012

Where trams turn corners, there are yellow lines painted along the road so that cars know to keep clear. This bloke at the corner of Victoria and Errol Streets in North Melbourne didn't pay attention to them, which resulted in Z3.205 ripping off the rear quarter panel off his van.

Kensington Racecourse Essendon resignalling

19 March 2016

In 2013-14 new signalling was installed on the Craigieburn and Flemington Racecourse lines, between Kensington and Essendon stations.

Kerrisdale Mountain Railway

10 November 2012

The Kerrisdale Mountain Railway is a privately owned two-foot (610 mm) narrow gauge railway that zig-zags up a hill in the Tallarook Ranges outside Seymour.

Kew Depot

23 June 2021

Kew Depot on at the corner of Barkers Road and High Street, Kew supplies trams to route 48, 78 and 109.

Kew Depot centenary

25 June 2015

Kew Depot celebrated its centenary on 3 May 2015. W2.431 was on display after being transported by road from the Melbourne Tram Museum at Hawthorn Depot, with W8.946 running shuttle trips to Victoria Gardens, restaurant tram SW6.935 was open for morning tea, with E.6005, C.3031 and A2.283 on display.

Kew line

17 August 2005

Photos of the remnants of the Kew Line in Melbourne, a two station branch from Hawthorn station that closed in the 1950s.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

25 August 2014

The Kuranda Scenic Railway operates from Cairns to Kuranda and return, with the journey taking around 2 hours, with a stop at 'Freshwater' station for tour buses, and one at Barron Falls to observe the waterfall. A pair of 1720 class locomotives haul each train with two down services services operating each morning, and two up services in the evening.

Lachlan Valley Railway

30 March 2017

Lachlan Valley Railway is based in the New South Wales Central Western town of Cowra, but after the closure of the Demondrille to Cowra line in 2009, their fleet has been moved Cootamundra.

Last BS car run July 2006

23 July 2006

By 2006 there were only three BS type carriages in revenue service with V/Line, and as the year continued all except BS217 were put into storage. By July BS217 was to be taken out of service, with the last run being on a down Albury train, terminated short at Seymour for trackwork. As it turns out, by September 2007 all five BS cars were brought back into service, as set SN7, which didn't get retired until August 9, 2010!

Last days of S302

13 January 2006

S302 was bought by West Coast Railway soon after they were formed, and ran with them for a number of years. After their demise it was purchased by V/Line, who continued to use it on the midday Warrnambool train, where it was often replaced by an N class. S302 made her last run on January 13, 2006 after which it was put into storage. It was subsequently sold to El Zorro who operate it today

Legoland Melbourne

22 September 2019

Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne is located at Chadstone Shopping Centre, and features many Lego models of Melbourne.

Level crossing accidents at North Shore, Geelong

29 October 2019

I’m not sure what is in the water down in Geelong, but the boom gates at the North Shore Road / Station Street level crossing next to North Shore station seem to spend more time under cars than stopping them.

Level crossings

19 May 2021

Level crossings lights, boom barriers and gates from around Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

Lilydale level crossing removal project

13 July 2021

The level crossing at Maroondah Highway, Lilydale is being removed by building a rail bridge over the road, along with a new railway station on the south side of the existing station.

Lithgow Railway Workshops

31 March 2017

Located in the Blue Mountains on the Main West line at Lithgow, the Lithgow Railway Workshops are used by Southern Southhaul Railroad to maintain their fleet of locomotives and rolling stock

Locomotive bits and pieces

7 March 2021

Various bits and bobs on locomotives, with nice captions telling you what the @%#$^& they are

Locomotive hauled Sprinter, February 2006

27 February 2006

Sprinter railcars are self propelled, but can be hauled by locomotives through the use of a special transition coupler. Here two broken down Sprinters were in the platform - 7002 and 7008, along with N453 waiting to take them away. The EDI rail guys had a bit of difficulty getting the transition coupler to fit - necessary because of the different coupler types

Locomotives, light engines, and lashups

18 July 2021

As the title suggests: Locomotives, Light Engines, and Lashups of various freight locos. There is a lot of smoking it up for the camera as well... ;-)

Long Island steel train

5 July 2021

The Long Island steel train serves the BHP mill at Hastings, south of Frankston. The steel is transferred from broad to standard gauge trains at the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon. In 2015 this facility replaced the Melbourne Steel Terminal, just west of North Melbourne station.