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Old-fashioned horn speaker at Camberwell station

17 February 2015 18:32 PM
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In album: Melbourne stations and infrastructure

W7.1012 heads west on La Trobe Street

22 June 2010 12:42 PM
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In album: Yarra Trams - Melbourne CBD and Docklands

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CLP17, GM42, 2210 and 2212 departs Geelong, at Bell Post Hill

24 July 2007 11:25 AM
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In album: GWA grain services

D3 and R class in the SRHC depot

15 June 2008 04:05 AM
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In album: Steamrail - Last Steam to Albury 2008

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'Please use rear door to enter and exit bus' sign on a Transdev bus

Front door still available for passengers who need the bus to be lowered, or board via the ramp

13 April 2020 11:46 AM
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In album: Bus bits and pieces

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Dysons bus #362 4312AO heads north on route 387 at Mernda station

1 September 2019 14:16 PM
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In album: Dysons Bus Services

Myki FPD missing from the mounting plate onboard a tram

21 June 2013 18:45 PM
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In album: Myki failures and breakdowns

Another fake Metlink sticker on a bin at Flinders Street platform 4

7 September 2005 13:52 PM
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In album: The lighter side of...

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Western end of South Dynon loco depot

In the foreground is a derailer controlled by the workshops staff. Note the row of stored Y class locomotives to the left

20 June 2010 15:35 PM
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In album: South Dynon locomotive depot

Platform 5 and 6 at Town Hall station

Viewed from the rear side of platform 4

18 July 2012 18:15 PM
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In album: Underground stations of Sydney