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Western end of South Dynon loco depot

In the foreground is a derailer controlled by the workshops staff. Note the row of stored Y class locomotives to the left

June 20, 2010 15:35 PM
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In album: South Dynon

Harris greaser train in storage

Motor cars are 797M and 794M

February 28, 2009 12:18 PM
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In album: Newport Workshops: Steamrail and 707 Operations

Government propaganda sign at Deer Park spruiking the RFR project

Note the artists impression showing a red, blue and yellow VLocity livery - the 2nd variant to be made public. The 1st version featured a Southern Cross motif on the front carbody sides.

April 01, 2009 18:37 PM
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In album: V/Line bits and pieces


November 18, 2008 16:01 PM
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In album: Accidents and dimwits

Carriage BS217 at Dudley Street

June 16, 2006 11:55 AM
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In album: V/Line workshops, yards and shunting

Stupid woman walking in front of a Siemens train at Yarraville

Just a little too desperate to catch her train?

June 11, 2006 14:22 PM
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In album: Accidents and dimwits

Platform 5 and 6 at Town Hall station

Viewed from the rear side of platform 4

July 18, 2012 18:15 PM
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In album: Underground stations of Sydney

Clarkeville Miniature Railway, located outside Bairnsdale

A privately operated miniature railway that opens once a month, located at 440 Lake Victoria Road, Forge Creek 3875

May 08, 2011 09:54 AM
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In album: Eastern region stations and infrastructure

Old subway to platforms at Spencer Street Station

May 27, 2005 12:14 PM
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In album: Southern Cross Station

Portal for tunnel towards Wynyard station platforms 1 and 2

Until the 1950s they carried the former tram tracks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

July 18, 2012 15:45 PM
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In album: Sydney's unfinished underground stations

Comeng 671M stored at Alstom Ballarat

September 06, 2008 14:51 PM
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In album: Ballarat Workshops

EMD D19 traction motor on the bogie of T342 (EMD G8)

October 15, 2011 17:02 PM
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In album: Locomotive bits and pieces

Parliament station lift access at the North entry

July 24, 2005 14:55 PM
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In album: City Loop

Melbourne Central Station, Clifton Hill loop, platform 1

May 26, 2005 11:39 AM
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In album: City Loop