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Siemens train 725M-2513T-726M on a down Frankston service at Spencer Street platform 12

Note the yellow fronts minus Connex logo, and the missing headlight cover

29 August 2005 14:21 PM
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In album: Connex Melbourne

Looking down the escalators at Parliament station

10 August 2010 14:17 PM
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In album: City Loop

Point rodding outside Kensington signal box

17 September 2010 17:43 PM
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In album: Melbourne signal boxes

Onboard an economy class XPT sitting car

15 February 2014 20:33 PM
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In album: NSW TrainLink bits

EMD D19 traction motor on the bogie of T342 (EMD G8)

15 October 2011 17:02 PM
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In album: Locomotive bits and pieces

Street frontage of Craigieburn station

22 August 2009 16:50 PM
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In album: Craigieburn electrification project

Comeng 671M stored at Alstom Ballarat

6 September 2008 14:51 PM
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In album: Ballarat Workshops

Parliament station lift access at the North entry

24 July 2005 14:55 PM
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In album: City Loop

Stored Comeng cars 1109T and 533M at Alstom Ballarat

6 September 2008 14:50 PM
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In album: Ballarat Workshops

Carriage BS217 at Dudley Street

16 June 2006 11:55 AM
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In album: V/Line workshops, yards and shunting

Preserved semaphore signal gantry at Cootamundra

19 October 2009 11:13 AM
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In album: Cootamundra

Stupid woman walking in front of a Siemens train at Yarraville

Just a little too desperate to catch her train?

11 June 2006 14:22 PM
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In album: Accidents and dimwits