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Vestibule end interior of a Millennium train

20 July 2012 21:19 PM
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In album: Sydney Trains bits

Martin Place station at platform level

20 July 2012 20:51 PM
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In album: Underground stations of Sydney

Section insulator / electrical feed in the overhead

2 February 2011 17:38 PM
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In album: Melbourne tramway overhead

Double line block instrument

30 November 2008 17:50 PM
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In album: Melbourne signals and signalling equipment

Abandoned VR Way and Works Workshops at Spotswood

4 August 2005 14:56 PM
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In album: Spotswood

Platform level at Bondi Junction station

18 July 2012 18:33 PM
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In album: Underground stations of Sydney

Myki Bus Driver Console in a McHarrys bus in Geelong

Showing the Myki smartcard reader on top, and a printer for short term tickets below

2 October 2007 16:32 PM
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In album: Myki

Four Maersk 40 foot flatracks tied together in transit

8 November 2009 09:01 AM
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In album: Containers - flat racks

[FAKE] "MOMO" on the front of a Siemens train

2 March 2011 18:13 PM
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In album: I can't believe it's not...