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Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,722 in total.

Abbotts Road level crossing crash

On the morning of 3 November 2012 a Comeng suburban train collided with a semi-trailer truck at the Abbotts Road level crossing in Dandenong. The collision resulted in one train passenger fatality, injury to five other passengers and the critical injury of the train driver. Leading carriages 306M, 1003T and 305M were scrapped, with cars 589M, 1022T, and 583M damaged beyond repair.

V/Line 'Green Star' parcels

For many years the ‘Green Star’ parcel service transported parcels onboard V/Line trains. The public parcel service was wound up in 2010, but V/Line still continues transporting blood products for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service as part of a separate agreement.

Comeng test train to Glen Waverley

1 February 2023

On Wednesday 1 February 2023 Comeng set 545M-1123T-546M travelled along the Glen Waverley line on a CGI video recording run.

Steamrail transfer to Ballarat, 2023

26 January 2023

On Thursday 26 January 2023 T395 lead a short train of Steamrail carriages from their base at the Newport Workshops to Ballarat East via North Shore.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 26 January 2023

26 January 2023

On Thursday 26 January 2023 SSR locomotives T381 and P16 hauled retired Comeng sets 362M-1038T-376M and 463M-1021T-341M from Tottenham Yard to Newport Workshops for scrapping.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 23 January 2023

23 January 2023

On Monday 23 January 2023 SSR locomotives T381 and P16 hauled retired Comeng sets 415M-1058T-416M and 319M-1033T-316M from Tottenham Yard to McIntyre for scrapping.

VLocity train promotional liveries

Since 2009 V/Line has been placing promotional decals over the windows of the centre carriages of their VLocity trains.

V/Line carriages

21 January 2023

Locomotive hauled carriages as used by V/Line on their train services around Victoria.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 10 January 2023

10 January 2023

On Tuesday 10 January 2023 SSR locomotives T363 and T381 hauled retired Comeng sets 510M-1105T-489M and 323M-1012T-361M from Tottenham Yard to Bendigo for scrapping.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 9 January 2023

9 January 2023

On Monday 9 January 2023 SSR locomotives T363 and T381 hauled retired Comeng sets 322M-1011T-425M and 419M-1060T-420M from Tottenham Yard to McIntyre for scrapping.

HCMT validation train to Craigieburn

23 December 2022

On the morning of 23 December 2022 HCMT set 16 travelled to Craigieburn to validate validate that a High Capacity Metro Train could use the stabling sidings at the workshops.

X'Trapolis Sunbury line validation train

21 December 2022

On 21 December 2022 X'Trapolis train 184M-1392T-193M and 142M-1371T-141M travelled to Sunbury, Watergardens and Calder Park to validate that an X'Trapolis train could use the stabling sidings at all three locations. This followed the first X'Trapolis test train to Sunbury on 4 June 2016.

V/Line carriage transfers to Seymour

21 December 2022

In December 2022 V/Line transferred retired carriage set VN18 from Newport Workshops to SRHC Seymour for storage, travelling via Brooklyn and the Albion-Jacana goods lines.

707 Operations - Bluestone Express charter 2022

18 December 2022

707 Operations ran their 'Bluestone Express' to transport Melbourne Grammar School's symphony orchestra to a series of concerts around Victoria between 9 and 18 December 2022.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 14 December 2022

14 December 2022

On Wednesday 14 December 2022 SSR locomotives T363, T386 and T381 hauled stored Comeng sets 527M-1114T-528M and 346M-1023T-345M from Tottenham Yard to Newport Workshops for scrapping

Comeng scrapping transfer, 8 December 2022

8 December 2022

On Thursday 8 December 2022 SSR locomotives T386 and T381 hauled retired Comeng sets 314M-1017T-334M and 365M-1042T-383M from Newport Workshops to the McConnell Dowell sidings at McIntyre for scrapping.

Steamrail - Essendon shuttles, December 2022

3 December 2022

On 3 December 2022 Steamrail's K183 and A2 986 ran shuttle return trips between Essendon and Flinders Street Station.

Steamrail - Geelong charter, December 2022

1 December 2022

On 1 December 2022 Steamrail Victoria ran a charter train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong and return, with V/Line's A66 hauling the train.

Melbourne tram simulators

29 November 2022

Yarra Trams has two tram simulators located at New Preston Depot: a full cab simulator for the E class, and a smaller portable unit for the B2 class.

Spare parts for Melbourne trams

29 November 2022

Spare bits and pieces for the fleet of Melbourne trams

Australian Locomotive and Railway Carriage Company, Tailem Bend

1 October 2019

Based at the former Tailem Bend locomtovie depot, the Australian Locomotive and Railway Carriage Company was formed in 1999 to poperate the 'Murraylander' tourist train. The group is now restoring South Australian Railways’ English Electric diesel locomotive 907 to operational condition.

Vysionics Vector LX ANPR level crossing camera

5 December 2021

The Vector LX is a ANPR camera system by Vysionics, with the automatic number plate reader allowing it to be used as an enforcement device at railway level crossings.

Metro Tunnel ground improvement works

17 November 2019

During 2019 ground improvement works were completed along the Metro Tunnel corridor at Lloyd Street in Kensington and beside Moonee Ponds Creek, injecting grout into the soil to ensure that cross passages CP02, CP03 and CP04 could be safely excavated without surface movement or groundwater ingress.

Stored Comeng trains at North Shore

1 April 2022

In August 2021 the first Comeng trains were withdrawn from service and placed into storage at the North Shore sidings in Geelong, with a total of four 6-car sets transferred. After being thoroughly trashed by vandals, and one carriage damaged by fire, between January and May 2022 the trains were individually returned to Newport, Bendigo and McIntyre to be scrapped.

707 Operations - Grainlander to Sea Lake, November 2022

11 November 2022

On the weekend of 11-13 November 2022 707 Operations ran their 'The Grainlander' train to Sea Lake with N451 leading S306 on the train.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 10 November 2022

10 November 2022

On Thursday 10 November 2022 SSR locomotives T386 and P18 hauled retired Comeng sets 428M-1064T-483M and 498M-1099T-497M from Newport Workshops to the McConnell Dowell sidings at McIntyre for scrapping.

Steamrail Victoria - Geelong 'Rail and Sail' November 2022

6 November 2022

On 6 November 2022 Steamrail ran a 'Rail and Sail' trip from Melbourne to Geelong and return behind R711.

Qube - Moorebank to Melbourne freight

27 January 2023

In November 2022 Qube Logistics commenced operating a intermodal service from Moorebank in Sydney to North Dynon in Melbourne.

SRHC - Cruise Express 'Grand Rail and Sail' November 2022

6 November 2022

On Sunday 6 November 2022 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special train from Melbourne to Albury transporting passengers on the Cruise Express 'Grand Rail and Sail ' tour of Victoria and NSW. S303 and T357 lead the train, made up of Parlor Car, 1BS, 4AS, 3AS, 11BS, 1CS and ex-V/Line power van 10PZ.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 1 November 2022

1 November 2022

On Tuesday 1 November 2022 SSR locomotives P14 and T363 hauled retired Comeng sets 330M-1025T-350M and 459M-1080T-460M from Tottenham Yard to Bendigo North for scrapping.

Steamrail - Warrnambool Westcoaster, 2022

29 October 2022

On Saturday 29th October 2022 steam locomotives A2 986 and R761 ran the 'Warrnambool Westcoaster' trip from Melbourne to Warrnambool and return. The train ran with the R class at the rear of the train as far as Camperdown, serving as a bank engine on the steep climb upgrade in the Geelong Tunnel. The remainder of the trip double headed to Warrnambool, as well back to Melbourne.

ABC Tours

26 October 2022

ABC Tours is a charter bus and coach operator based in Melbourne's western suburbs.

SCT and Aurizon trip trains in Melbourne

20 December 2017

Between 2010 and 2017 SCT Logistics and Aurizon placed loading on each other's trains out of Melbourne, with trip trains moving Aurizon intermodal loading to SCT Laverton to head to Perth, and SCT loading to North Dynon to travel on Aurizon services bound for Brisbane.

Frankston & Peninsula Airport Shuttle

20 August 2014

Frankston & Peninsula Airport Shuttle operated a bus service from St Kilda, Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne Airport, until it was acquired by SykBus and rebranded as their 'Peninsula Express' service.

Ballarat Airport Shuttle

5 June 2022

Ballarat Airport Shuttle operates a bus service between Ballarat and Melbourne Airport.

Bendigo Airport Service

13 October 2022

Bendigo Airport Service operates a bus service between Bendigo and Melbourne Airport.

Martin's Albury

12 October 2022

Martin's Albury operate school and charter buses in Albury, as well as public transport services in the city.

Kanes Buses

12 October 2022

Kanes Buses is a school and charter bus operator based in Henty, New South Wales.

Junee Railway Workshops

12 October 2022

The former Junee Locomotive Depot at Junee on the Main South railway on New South Wales is now the home of the privately operated Junee Railway Workshops.

Dysons Bus Services, Wodonga

12 October 2022

Dysons Bus Services operates school and charter services from their depot in Wodonga, as well as a number of route services in Albury-Wodonga on behalf of Public Transport Victoria.

ACT public transport response to the Coronavirus pandemic

11 October 2022

Following the response of Australian Capital Territory public transport operators to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Canberra Metro infrastructure

11 October 2022

Infrastructure from around the Canberra Metro light rail system.

Canberra Metro

11 October 2022

The Canberra Metro light rail system runs from Alinga Street in Civic north along to Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road to Gungahlin Place, with a depot at Mitchell.