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Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,475 in total.

SRHC - Cruise Express charter 2022

15 August 2022

On Monday 15 August 2022 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special train from Stawell to Broadmeadows transporting passengers from the Cruise Express on their 'Grand Southern Loop' tour of NSW, South Australia and Victoria. N460 lead the train, made up of 1CS, 3AS, 4AS, 11BS, 1BS and Parlor Car.

ARTC works trains

Works trains across the ARTC network as operated by a number of contracted rail operators.

Gisborne Transit

13 August 2022

Gisborne Transit operates PTV bus services in the town of Gisborne, with Donric Group taking over the contract from GisBus from 1 July 2022.

Calder Park Drive level crossing removal

13 August 2022

The level crossing on the Sunbury line at Calder Park Drive is being replaced by a road over rail bridge.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 12 August 2022

12 August 2022

On Friday 12 August 2022 SSR locomotive T386 hauled retired Comeng sets 553M-1127T-554M and 454M-1077T-453M from Newport Workshops to McIntyre for scrapping.

Preston level crossing removal replacement buses

11 August 2022

During 2022 passengers for Bell and Preston had to catch buses while the stations were closed, due to the level crossings at Oakover Road, Bell Street, Cramer Street and Murray Road in Preston being removed by raising the Mernda line onto an elevated viaduct.

V/Line - standard gauge transfer to Ettamogah

2 August 2022

Following their replacement by the new standard gauge VLocity trains in 2022, V/Line's fleet of standard gauge carriages used on the Albury line were transferred to the SRHC depot in Seymour for storage. On 2 August 2022 six of the stored carriages, along with three recently retired carriages, were transferred by V/Line from Melbourne to Seymour and on to Albury, where they are being put into storage at Ettamogah on behalf of the rail heritage groups they are being handed over to. From north end the consist was ACN45, BN22, BN10, BN7, BRN34, ACN24 (all stripped of livery) then PTV liveried BN5, BRN43 and ACN48.

Melbourne Art Trams 2022

30 July 2022

As part of the 2022 Rising Melbourne festival six trams have been decorated in designs by six First Peoples artists: https://rising.melbourne/festival-program/first-peoples-melbourne-art-trams-2022

Public Record Office Victoria

30 July 2022

Railway and tramway titbits from the collection of the Public Record Office Victoria

Comeng scrapping transfer, 15 July 2022

15 July 2022

On Friday 15 July 2022 SSR locomotives T386 and T385 hauled retired Comeng sets 403M-1018T-404M and 427M-1052T-487M from Newport Workshops to McIntyre for scrapping.

Surrey Hills level crossing removal replacement buses

9 July 2022

During 2022 the Lilydale and Belgrave lines have been closed between Camberwell and Box Hill, buses replacing trains while the level crossings at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert and Union Road, Surrey Hills are being removed by lowing the tracks, along with the two stations being replaced by the new 'Union Station' in the middle.

707 Operations - 'The Gracelander' to Bendigo

9 July 2022

On Saturday 9 July 2022 R707 and A66 led 'The Gracelander' train from Southern Cross to Bendigo and return.

Lego Store, Melbourne Central

8 July 2022

The Lego Certified Store at Melbourne Central has a large scale model of a Melbourne W class tram on display, which visitors can walk inside.

Steamrail Victoria - Steam & Tait Parallel Run

3 July 2022

On Sunday 3 July 2022 Steamrail Victoria sent two trains around Melbourne - the Tait set and push-pull steam led by K183 and K100 - running parallel out to Ringwood and Sunshine.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 1 July 2022

1 July 2022

On Friday 1 July 2022 SSR locomotives T386 and T385 lead Comeng set 400M-1050T-331M and 393M-1048T-394M from Newport Workshops to the North Bendigo Workshops for scrapping.

HCMT transfer, June 2022

30 June 2022

On 30 June 2022 SSR locomotives T385 and T386 and power van BVDY51 delivered brand new HCMT set 43 from Newport to Pakenham East.

Steamrail Victoria - Eureka Express, 25 June 2022

25 June 2022

On Sunday 25 June 2022 R711 and K183 led Steamrail Victoria's 'Eureka Express' train from Southern Cross Station to Ballarat, via Bacchus Marsh on the way there, and North Geelong and Tarneit on the way home. The consist was VZVF1, PCP292, 5AS, 8AS, 14BRS, 7ABE, 25BE, 38BE, 46BE, 17BE, 68BW.

Sunshine bus crash

19 June 2022

Some dumbarse driver managed to put their car through the front door of a Transit Systems bus, writing off their car in the process.

Comeng retirement transfer, June 2022

17 June 2022

On 17 June 2022 retired Comeng sets 474M-1087T-473M and 515M-1108T-516M were transferred by SSR locomotives T385 and T386 from Newport Workshops to Tottenham Yard via Brooklyn for long term storage.

Sandringham Coaches

17 June 2022

Part of the Dineen Group, Sandringham Coaches is a tour and coach operator based in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Steamrail Victoria - Eureka Express, 11 June 2022

11 June 2022

On Saturday 11 June 2022 R761 led Steamrail Victoria's 'Eureka Express' train from Southern Cross Station to Ballarat, via Bacchus Marsh on the way there, and North Geelong and Tarneit on the way home. The consist was 25BE - 7ABE - 14BRS - 11AS - 12AE - 38BE.

Steamrail Victoria - Y112 transfer from Geelong

9 June 2022

On 9 June 2022 heritage steam locomotive Y112 returned from Geelong to Newport with open wagon VOAF 9. The train had been stuck in Geelong for repairs after running into trouble after a weekend running shuttles at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

Melbourne Airport car park buses

Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited (APAC) operates a small fleet of buses to shuttle passengers and staff between the terminals at Melbourne Airport and the outlying car parks.

Repainting the Flinders Street Viaduct

During 2020 -2021 the four tracks of the original Flinders Street Viaducts were progressively closed so that the steel plate girders could be repainted.