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Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,229 in total.

X'Trapolis transfer, 29 November 2019

29 November 2019

On 29 November 2019 SSR locomotives T363 and P14 with the usual power van BVDY52 and transition wagon BQHX 2447 led X'Trapolis train 170M-1385T-169M and 236M-1418T-235M to Alstom Ballarat for upgrade works. The train ran from Newport to Ballarat via the suburban lines and North Geelong, the locomotives having run around the consist at Southern Cross Station platform 8.

X'Trapolis transfer, 26 November 2019

26 November 2019

On 26 November 2019 SSR locomotives T363 and P14 with the usual power van BVDY52 and transition wagon BQHX 2447 led X'Trapolis train 953M-1677T-954M and 139M-1370T-140M to Alstom Ballarat for upgrade works. The train ran from Newport to Ballarat via the suburban lines and North Geelong, the locomotives having run around the consist at Melbourne Yard.

Ballarat Line Upgrade consolidation trains

27 November 2019

As part of the Ballarat Line Upgrade works that have duplicated the railway between between Caroline Springs and Melton, on 27 November 2019 a pair of heavy freight trains ran across the newly commissioned track for 24 hours, consolidating the recently laid ballast before normal services commenced on the line.

Qube's train was made up of B76, T373 and T376 push-pull with G512, container wagons from the Maryvale service, and cement tanktainers from the Dandenong service. Southern Shorthaul Railroad's train was made up of B75, S312, P17 and P18 push-pull with S302 and S317 on the Kensington grain consist.

William Street tram works

2 January 2020

During November-December 2019 the tram tracks along William Street between Market Street and Dudley Street are being relaid, and new platform stops constructed at Bourke Street and Flagstaff Station / La Trobe Street.

Regional Rail Link consolidation trains

6 July 2014

Between 3 July and 7 July 2014 a loaded ballast train operated over the new Regional Rail Link tracks between Deer Park Junction and Manor Junction at a maximum of 80 km per hour, until 100,000 tonnes of load are put onto them. The more weight they put onto it, the quicker it will be ready for normal services - the alternative is speed restrictions until the new track is bedded in.

707 Operations - Geelong Revival Motoring Festival, November 2019

24 November 2019

On 24 November 2019 707 Operations ran a steam hauled heritage train from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station to Geelong for the 2019 Geelong Revival Motoring Festival. The train via via Altona and Werribee on the down and Wyndham Vale on the up, with R707 and T392 hauling a train made up of carriages PCP294, JTA6, ACZ255, BZ270, CLUB1, BS205 and BK708.

SRHC - Spirit of Progress to Albury, November 2019

23 November 2019

On 23 November 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a standard gauge tour from Southern Cross Station to Albury and return. T357 and P22 led the train, made up of carriages 1 BS, 11 BS, 4 AS and Parlor Car.

Steamrail - whY not Suburban Tour

17 November 2019

On 17 November 2019 T356 led the 'whY not Suburban Tour' from Southern Cross Station to Somerton and Werribee via Sunshine, Essendon and the Bunbury Street Tunnel. Originally intended to be hauled by Y class steam locomotive Y112, it was a late scratching due to mechanical problems. The train was made up of carriages 600BK, 14BRS, 67BW, 64AW, 7ABE, and 1BCE.

Stuck brakes on a Comeng train

17 November 2019

On 17 November 2019 Comeng carriage 641M was in the middle of a down Sunbury service when the brakes got stuck on, leaving a trail of smoke from North Melbourne to Middle Footscray, before the train finally came to a halt, shutting down rail services on the line for an hour.

Steamrail - Sandringham to Williamstown shuttles 2019

10 November 2019

On 10 November 2019 A2 986 and K190 run suburban shuttles from Flinders Street Station to Sandringham and Williamstown. The train was made up with carriages 17 BE, 38 BE, 7 ABE, 25 BE and 1 BCE.

707 Operations - 'Wizarding Academy Express' charter 2019

2 November 2019

On the weekend of 2 and 3 November 2019 707 Operations ran 'Wizarding Academy Express' charter trains. Running out of Southern Cross Station, passengers were treated to a magic themed train journey that was 100% not infringing the copyright of the popular 'Harry Power' series of books. R707 and T413 ran the train push pull to Caroline Springs and back, the train made up of PCP 294, BZ 270, Club 1, ACZ 255 and BK 708.

Steamrail Victoria - Geelong 'Rail and Sail' October 2019

27 October 2019

On October 27, 2019 Steamrail ran a 'Rail and Sail' trip from Melbourne to Geelong and return behind K190. PCP292, Hobsons Bay (269 BZ), 14 BRS, 600 BK, 7 ABE, 38 BE, 25 BE, 17 BE, and 1 BCE made up the train.

Melbourne infrastructure inspection trams

7 February 2020

Infrastructure inspection equipment fitted to Melbourne trams.

HCMT set 7 transfer, October 2019

24 October 2019

On the morning of 24 October 2019 the seventh High Capacity Metro Train set was transferred from the Downer facility at Newport Workshops to the future HCMT depot at Pakenham East. Southern Shorthaul Railroad ran the transfer, with P16 and T386, generator van BVDY51, and finally the HCMT set. The braking system has now been certified for mainline use following tests of earlier trains at Pakenham East, so no braking wagons needed to accompany the movement.

Calder Park Sidings

20 October 2019

The train stabling yard at Calder Park is located north of Watergardens station. The first stage opened in December 2014 was a three road yard large enough to stable six 6-car trains, with a second stage adding another three sidings in 2015. As part of the High Capacity Metro Train project, a light maintenance facility is also being constructed at the site.

707 Operations - Tastes of the Goulburn, 2019

19 October 2019

707 Operations ran a special train from Melbourne to Seymour and return on 19 October 2018 to transport passengers to the 'Tastes of the Goulburn' festival in Seymour. R707, H5 and T392 led the train, with carriages VAM 1, PCP 294, ACZ 255, BZ 270, BRS 224, CLUB 1, BS 205, BS 212, JTA 6, BK 708, Moorabool and D318 in the consist.

Melbourne Art Trams 2019

10 February 2020

As part of the 2019 Melbourne Festival eight trams have been decorated in designs by eight Melbourne artists: https://www.festival.melbourne/2019/events/melbourne-art-trams/

Metro Tunnel tram replacement buses

14 October 2019

Works on the Metro Tunnel at Anzac station have required Yarra Trams services on St Kilda Road to be replaced by buses, while the tram tracks are slewed around the work site.

Steamrail - Warrnambool Westcoaster 2019

12 October 2019

On 12 October 2019 Steamrail ran their 'Warrnambool Westcoaster' tour from Southern Cross to Warrnambool via Regional Rail Link. Steam locomotive R711 and diesel S313 led the train, made up of carriages PCP 292, 11 AS, 5 AS, Hobsons Bay (269 BZ), Moorabool, 8 AS, 14 BRS, 2 BS, and 600BK.

Caulfield-Dandenong rail replacement buses

25 August 2018

Buses have replaced trains on the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines from 2016 and 2018 while work on the Caulfield - Dandenong level crossing removal project was completed.

707 Operations - Geelong and Bellarine Railway, July 2014

6 July 2014

On 6 July 2014 707 Operations ran a tour to Geelong with R707, connecting with a bus to Queenscliff for a ride on the Bellarine Railway.

Steamrail - Ride to Pride charter 2014

15 November 2014

On 15 November 2014 Steamrail VIctoria ran the 'Ride to Pride' charter from Southern Cross Station to Shapparton, behind heritage diesel locomotives S313 and T364.

High Capacity Corridor Upgrade rail replacement buses

11 January 2019

The High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project is upgrading the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines to support the new High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) fleet. As a result Metro Trains and V/Line rail services have needed to be replaced by buses.

Metro Tunnel rail replacement buses - Caulfield group

14 February 2020

Works on the Metro Tunnel portal at South Yarra have required Metro Trains services on the Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham lines to be replaced by buses between Parliament, Caulfield and Elsternwick, as well as V/Line services to Gippsland.