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Recent albums

Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,446 in total.

SRHC - Tocumwal Picnic Train April 2010

3 April 2010

T357 and T378 took a mix of E and S cars (and Parlor Car) from Seymour to Tocumwal and return, with a shuttle from Tocumwal to Strathmerton.

SRHC - Maryborough, March 2010

12 March 2010

On March 14 SRHC ran a train from Seymour - Melbourne - Geelong - Ballarat - Maryborough and return. B74 and T378 were the locos, with a mix of S and E cars used, along with State Car 4 and Parlor Car.

El Zorro derailment, March 2010

9 March 2010

A down El Zorro grain derailed at West Footscray Junction, with T320 and S303 coming off the rails (third and fourth units), along with 12 wagons.

X'Trapolis transfer, February 2010

28 February 2010

T413 transferred brand new X'Trapolis set 5M-1303T-6M and 7M-1304T-8M from Ballarat to Newport, along with the usual power van ZVDY 52. So new that it had no identifying marks (other than 'unit 3' and 'unit 4' taped in the windows) the set had been taken directly from the docks to Alstom Ballarat to fix up the floor, the interior fitout was also carried out.

Avoca line signalling and infrastructure

14 February 2010

The Avoca line runs from Ararat to Maryborough, and was converted to standard gauge in the mid-1990s along with the mainline west to Adelaide

Pacific National Tocumwal freight

27 January 2022

Pacific National (formerly Patrick PortLink) operate a container service between Appleton Dock in Melbourne and Tocumwal, loading also being attached / removed at Mooroopna (Shepparton).

Steamrail - Bairnsdale February 2010

6 February 2010

S301 with a freshly repainted nose led A78, four carriages and a power van from Melbourne to Bairnsdale and return.

SRHC - Hills to the Bay tour January 2010

30 January 2010

N471 led the train made up of State Car 4, parlor car Yarra, two S cars and five E cars.

PCJ van transfer from Ballarat, January 2010

23 January 2010

Freshly refurbished power van PCJ491 was transferred back from Ballarat Workshops to Melbourne, this time V/Line used their own loco (N467) and crew to bring it home

Victorian grain silos

12 July 2010

Grain silos from across Victoria. Concrete silos fall into two types: 'Geelong' and 'Williamstown'. Older steel silos are the 'Ascom' and 'Murphy' types. Newer steel silos are 'Aquila' and 'Jumbo unit' types. Low to the ground structures are 'Behlen bins' and 'Victorian Oat Pool shed'. More detail at the National Library of Australia.

Melbourne signals and signalling equipment

17 April 2022

Signals and signalling equipment from Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

Freightgate sheds

10 April 2009

Provided around Victoria in the late 1970s / early 1980s at major stations established as freight centres for the receiving and despatch of small freight consignments

Level crossings

1 March 2022

Level crossings lights, boom barriers and gates from around Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

Point levers and motors

7 November 2021

Point levers and motors from Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

Track, rail and sleepers

24 April 2022

Track, rail and sleepers from Melbourne and the rest of Victoria

SRHC - Tocumwal December 2009

12 December 2009

B74 and S303 lead the 11 car train from Seymour to Tocumwal and return, with a shuttle also run from Tocumwal to Strathmerton

Goulburn Valley stations and infrastructure

Railway stations and other infrastructure on the line north from Seymour towards Shepparton and Tocumwal.

707 Operations - Suburban tour December 2009

5 December 2009

R707 and T413 ran push pull around the Melbourne suburbs, from Newport to Glen Waverley, Flemington Racecourse and Lilydale. Chasing a train around suburbia by car = fail!

Steamrail - Link Tours charters 2009

18 December 2009

A series of charter trains run by Steamrail in the later half of the year for Link Tours, taking party goers from Melbourne of an evening out to the Macedon Ranges, then return

SRHC - Kyneton charter December 2009

1 December 2009

S303 and B74 ran a private charter from Melbourne to Kyneton and return, the four car train was made up of 'Mitta Mitta', two BRS carriages, and Parlor Car

Metro Trains Melbourne launch

30 November 2009

X'Trapolis 863M-1632T-864M-897M-1649T-898M was stickered into the new 'Metro' livery for the first day. Held on platform 1 at Flinders Street Station, Premier John Brumby and Transport Minister Lynne Kosky were in attendance, along with MTM management. The train left late because the media were interviewing the politicians, but they ended up being left behind.

Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban

25 April 2022

Metro Trains Melbourne services in the inner suburban area, covering Flinders Street Station, Southern Cross Station, the City Loop, North Melbourne and Richmond.

Locomotive bits and pieces

13 March 2022

Various bits and bobs on locomotives, with nice captions telling you what the @%#$^& they are

New X'Trapolis EMUs

11 April 2018

A second batch of X'Trapolis EMUs are being imported, number from 1M upwards (and 1301T). The first 6 car set arrived in 2009 and underwent testing before being commissioned into service.