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Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,229 in total.

Steamrail - Bendigo Easter special, April 2019

21 April 2019

On April 21, 2019 Steamrail led a special Easter train from Southern Cross to Bendigo and return, with R711  leading PCP292, 11AS, 8AS, Moorabool, 7ABE, 600BK and 700BK.

Panorama Coaches

20 April 2019

Panorama Coaches operates four bus routes in Diamond Creek and Eltham.

SRHC - Cruise Express charter, April 2019

10 April 2019

On 10 April 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special standard gauge train from Albury to Southern Cross to convey passengers on a 'Cruise Express' tour. T357 and P22 led the train, with 1BS, 11BS, 4AS and Parlor Car in the consist.

Metro Trains Melbourne training

30 June 2020

Training new staff at Metro Trains Melbourne

Armaguard delaying trams in the Bourke Street Mall

8 April 2019

An Armaguard crew drove into the Bourke Street Mall then had their armoured van break down. Eventually a massive tilt tray truck arrived, delaying trams for five minutes while it was lifted onto the back.

707 Operations - Somerville Sojourn and the Mornington Tourist Railway

30 March 2019

On 30 March 2019 707 Operations ran their 'Somerville Sojourn and the Mornington Tourist Railway' tour to Long Island Junction and return, with locomotives H5 and T413 leading carriages PCP294, BS212, BRS224 and BS205

Flagstaff station police operation, May 2019

28 March 2019

On 28 March 2019 someone onboard a train mistook a busker with a didgeridoo for someone with a rifle, sparking a full blown police response that shut down the entire City Loop for morning peak.

Derailed tram at Spencer and Flinders Street, March 2019

28 March 2019

On 28 March 2019 tram E2.6059 went to turn from Spencer into Flinders Street with a MCG bound football special service, when the first bogie of the middle section came off the tracks.

V/Line - Z type carriage bogie cracks

22 July 2017

In January 2013 V/Line's fleet of Z type carriages were removed from service due to cracking occurring in the bogies. Replacement bogies were eventually sourced, with the carriages back in service by late 2016.

V/Line - carriage set SN7/SZ7

9 August 2010

In September 2007 V/Line formed carriage set SN7 with five retired BS compartment carriages and spare carriage ACN21, to make up for a loss of a carriage set in the Kerang level crossing collision. Rostered on a return weekday run to Geelong, the set was recoded SZ7 in March 2009 following the replacement of carriage ACN21 with BCZ257. The set remained in service until August 2010, when the delivery of additional VLocity trains enabled it to be retired.

V/Line transfers

7 September 2020

V/Line often needs to transfer locomotives and carriages between workshops for overhaul or refurbishment.

V/Line stored locomotives

27 January 2020

In August 2015 V/Line put their fleet of A class locomotives in long term storage, with the P class fleet receiving the same treatment following their withdrawal from service in 2017.

SRHC - Bendigo Royal Train, March 2019

16 March 2019

On 16 March 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre operated the 'Bendigo Royal Train' from Seymour to Bendigo via Southern Cross and Echuca. B74 led S303 and Yarra, State Car 4, State Car 5, 30AE, Dining and Mitta Mitta.

SRHC - Pako Festa Tour, 2019

23 February 2019

On 23 February 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a train from Seymour to Geelong and return for the Pako Festa, running via the Albion-Jacana and Sunshine-Newport goods lines. X31 and B74 led the train, made up of 3BCE, 16ABE, 5ABE, Mitta Mitta, 30AE, 14BE, 1BE and Yarra.

Sunbury line disruption, February 2019

21 February 2019

Following a fatality on the Sunbury line at Keilor Plains on the morning of 21 February 2019, train services between Sunshine and Watergardens were replaced by buses for the entire morning peak.

Bombardier Ballarat East

17 February 2019

In 2011 Bombardier opened a new VLocity train maintenance facility at Ballarat East.

Dee Decker Tours

24 April 2019

Dee Decker Tours runs party buses in Melbourne using a fleet of single and double deck buses.

Stuck van at the Swanston Street tram stop

11 February 2019

A delivery driver headed north up Swanston Street came to the end of the road at Bourke Street, and decided to drive down the bike lane. He ended up driving his van the edge of the tram stop platform, getting stuck on the tram tracks. Northbound trams on Swanston Street had to run 'bang road' to the Flinders Lane crossover to escape the obstruction, with services delayed for 40 minutes until a tilt tray track was able to extract his vehicle from the predicament.

Metro Tunnel works at Arden

6 July 2020

Site of a TBM launching site, 'North Melbourne' station is being constructed at the Arden urban redevelopment precinct

Metro Tunnel works at Domain

14 October 2019

Site of a TBM launching site, 'Anzac' station is being constructed at Domain Interchange, beneath St Kilda Road

Metro Tunnel works at South Yarra

21 January 2020

The eastern Metro Tunnel portal is located beside the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines at South Yarra.

Metro Tunnel works at CBD South

18 February 2020

'Town Hall' station is being constructed in the southern end of the Melbourne CBD, and will be connected to Flinders Street Station.

Metro Tunnel works at CBD North

5 February 2020

'Library' station is being constructed in the northern end of the Melbourne CBD, and will be connected to Melbourne Central Station.

Metro Tunnel works at West Footscray

8 July 2020

A third platform and turnback siding is being constructed at West Footscray as part of the Metro Tunnel, to terminate trains from the east.