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Occasionally I will add new albums that contain older photos, here are the most recently added. There are 1,446 in total.

Southern Shorthaul Railroad grain hopper transfer

27 October 2015

In October 2015 Southern Shorthaul Railroad overhauled a rake of BGGX/BGGY grain hoppers at their Bendigo Workshops and transported them by road to Benalla, were they were placed on standard gauge for the trip north to NSW.

Sunbury Line Upgrade

5 May 2022

In 2019 work started to upgrade signalling, overhead wiring and platforms to enable High Capacity Metro Trains to operate on the Sunbury line following the completion of the Metro Tunnel.

V/Line - Bacchus Marsh yards

4 January 2020

Bacchus Marsh is a busy V/Line destination, with a large yard at Maddingley used to stabling trains for weekday commuter trains. This replaced the previous yard at Bacchus Marsh station in 2019, which was needed for construction of a second passenger platform.

Qube Logistics broad gauge cement train

14 May 2022

In September 2019 Qube Logistics started a new containerised cement service running on broad gauge between North Dynon and the Kimberly Clark siding at Dandenong South. The loaded cement containers are brought down from New South Wales by train to Victoria Dock.

Diamond Valley Railway

1 September 2019

The Diamond Valley Railway is a 7 1⁄4 in (184 mm) ridable miniature railway that extends along a 2 km circuit through Eltham Lower Park in Melbourne, Victoria.

Yarra Trams - industrial action 2019

8 December 2019

In 2019 the Rail, Tram and Bus Union launched industrial action against Yarra Trams, following the breakdown in negotiations around their new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The result was a four hour stopwork between 10am and 2pm on Friday 30 August 2019, and again on Thursday 26 September 2019.

Steamrail - Hurstbridge Wattle Festival 2019

25 August 2019

On 25 August 2019 K153 and K190 headed to the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival to run shuttle services between Eltham and Hurstbridge. Carriages 38 BE, 17 BE, 7 ABE, 25 BE, 1 BCE made up the train.

SmartBus PIDS

11 January 2022

Bus stops on SmartBus routes in Melbourne are provided with real time bus arrival information screens.

V/Line corridor mapping project

23 April 2020

In August 2019 V/Line locomotive P12 was fitted with GPS, LIDAR and 360 degree camera equipment and sent all over Victoria to collect data about the rail network. In April 2020 a second survey was undertaken by locomotive P15, with ground penetrating radar equipment supplied by Zetica Rail used to measure trackbed condition, including ballast depth, fouling and roughness.

Tottenham Yard wagon scrapping

30 September 2019

In July 2019 Pacific National started another clean out of the stored wagons at Tottenham Yard. T392 was used to transfer them to North Dynon, where they were loaded onto trucks to be moved to the scrap yard by road.

Bacchus Marsh Coaches

21 November 2021

Bacchus Marsh Coaches runs town bus services in the township of Bacchus Marsh.

Fender bender on Elizabeth Street, July 2019

26 July 2019

On 26 July 2019 a delivery van tried to turn from Elizabeth Street into Little Collins Street, and was cleaned up by tram B2.2034 headed south on route 59

707 Operations - Cruise Express charter, July 2019

21 July 2019

On 21 July 2019 707 Operations ran a charter for 'Cruise Express' from Southern Cross to Newport Workshops and Seymour. R707 and Y127 led the first half of the tour, with R707, H3 and H5 taking over to Seymour, with carriages PCP 294, ACZ 255, BRS 224, BS 205, BS 212, Club 1, JTA6, D318 and Dining Car making up the train.

Qube Logistics hay train

17 December 2021

In June 2019 Qube Logistics commenced a new service conveying containerised hay from Ultima to the Port of Melbourne for export.

Steamrail - Cruise Express charter, July 2019

20 July 2019

On 20 July 2019 Steamrail Victoria ran a charter train for 'Cruise Express' from Southern Cross to Ballarat, via North Geelong in the morning, and via Bacchus Marsh on the return. A2 986 led the train, with carriages 18 CE, 12AE, 14BRS, 8AS, 600BK, 17BE and water gin VZVF1.

SRHC - Cruise Express charter, July 2019

19 July 2019

On 19 July 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special broad gauge train from Seymour to Southern Cross to convey passengers on a 'Cruise Express' tour. X31 and B74 led the train, along with carriages State Car 4, Mitta Mitta, State Car 5, 30AE, 1BE, 14BE and Yarra.

X'Trapolis transfer, 11 July 2019

11 July 2019

On 11 July 2019 SSR locomotives P17 and P18 with the usual power van BVDY52 and transition wagon BQJX 2481W led X'Trapolis train 47M-1324T-48M and 943M-1672T-944M to Alstom Ballarat for upgrade works, travelling via North Geelong, with a run via the suburban lines through Footscray to run around at Melbourne Yard.

P20 transfer to Newport Workshops

9 July 2019

On 9 July 2019 P20 was dead transferred between G527 and G536 from the scrap row at South Dynon, to Newport Workshops

X'Trapolis transfer, 9 July 2019

9 July 2019

On 9 July 2019 SSR locomotives P17 and P18 with the usual power van BVDY52 and transition wagon BQJX 2481W led X'Trapolis train 98M-1349T-97M and 179M-1390T-180M to Alstom Ballarat for upgrade works. The plan was for the train to reach Ballarat via North Geelong, the locomotives to run around the consist at Tottenham Yard, but instead they continued through to Melbourne Yard, running around there, then heading to North Geelong via the Brooklyn goods lines.

707 Operations - Winter School Holiday Steam to Gisborne, 2019

7 July 2019

707 Operations ran a school holiday special to Gisborne on 7 July 2019, with R707 leading PCP294, ACZ255, BRS224, Club1, BS205, BS202 and D318. Due to the lack of turntable, the train returned to Melbourne tender first

Steamrail - Northern Weekender, July 2019

7 June 2019

Over the June long weekend Steamrail Victoria ran their 'Northern Weekender' tour to Swan Hill and Echuca, with R711 and S313 hauling PCP292, Goulburn, SJ282, Moorabool, 14 BRS, Werribee, Indi, Coliban, Inman,67BW, 68BW, and water gin VZVF1.

K190 transfer to Castlemaine, 2011

29 October 2011

On 29 October 2011 Steamrail steam locomotive K190 was transferred from Newport to Castlemaine, to help out over summer at the Victorian Goldfields Railway

SRHC - Cruise Express charter, May 2019

31 May 2019

On 31 May 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special standard gauge train from Albury to Southern Cross to convey passengers on a 'Cruise Express' tour. T357 and P22 led the train, with 1BS, 11BS, 4AS and Parlor Car in the consist.

Southern Cross Station storm damage, 2010

4 May 2010

On Saturday 6 March 2010 a storm hit Melbourne with severe wind gusts and hailstones up to 10 centimetres wide. Rail and hail ripped large holes in the roof of Southern Cross Station, leading to its evacuation and forcing metropolitan and country trains to bypass the station. Repairs were estimated to cost $5 million, with 43 of the 60 air pillows needing replacement, work commencing in April 2010 and lasting 12 to 14 weeks.