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Massive cage of reinforcing bar being constructed on the Collins Street concourse

Foundations for the 'Water Tower Clock' stand

25 March 2014 08:15 AM

In album: Southern Cross Station

I can't see how people with frail hands will cope with these trial door handles on the Comeng trains

On trial on Comeng carriage 1097T, as a cheaper solution to people forcing doors than the retrofitting of power opening doors like the TransAdelaide 3000 class fleet.

18 March 2014 08:26 AM

In album: Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

New style of door handle on trial on Comeng carriage 1097T

Metro has just started this trial on a single carriage - Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) has been concerned about the doors since 2011! http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/45009/Regulator-concerned-about-train-door-safety.pdf

18 March 2014 08:15 AM

In album: Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

Myki check device now with 'This is for checking the balance only' stickers affixed to it

Note that the original painted on 'Check' logo has rubbed off from people touching their cards

18 March 2014 08:12 AM

In album: Myki

Authorised Officers watching inbound passengers at Flagstaff station in evening peak

Located inside the paid area, presumably they are only looking for concession card misuse, and people dumb enough to jump the ticket gates

17 March 2014 17:35 PM

In album: Authorised Officers

A2.293 heads west along Collins Street at Swanston Street

With new plastic kerbs in place along the tram tracks to deter cars from getting in the way

17 March 2014 14:13 PM

In album: Motorists delaying trams