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Siemens 774M trails an up service out of Spotswood

You know you are in Melbourne when you can drive straight onto the railway tracks!

9 June 2015 08:22 AM

In album: Metro Trains Melbourne - Northern group

'Grunt' brand ratchet straps - perfect for tying down exploding static inverters beneath Siemens trains

Pack of four for $24.98 from Bunnings - enough straps to fit out a 6-car Siemens train set

3 June 2015 17:17 PM

In album: Siemens train static inverter issues

Phalanx of new CCTV cameras added to the entrance of Flagstaff station

Dozens more new CCTV cameras can be found inside the station

1 June 2015 08:43 AM

In album: Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Upgrade Project