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Transdev bus #427 7827AO on route '429' along Hampshire Road, Sunshine

It's actually running the last leg of route 220 towards Sunshine station, but has the destination for the next run already set

16 April 2021 19:25 PM

In album: Transdev Melbourne

Transdev bus #8006 heads for Sunshine station along Hampshire Road

In stripped Smartbus livery, a visitor to Sunshine depot from North Fitzroy

16 April 2021 14:01 PM

In album: Transdev Melbourne

Transit Systems bus #127 BS00BM on route 471 at Sunshine station

Note the 'BS 00BM' format of the registration plate, the Southern Cross being to the left not the right

16 April 2021 12:53 PM

In album: Transit Systems Victoria

Mixed bag of coaches at the Simcocks' Bus Services depot in Pakenham

Including #11 0211AO, #17 BS03GF, and #14 0214AO

15 April 2021 11:05 AM

In album: Bus depots of Melbourne

Simcocks' buses parked at their depot in Pakenham

Including #15 0215AO, #4 0204AO, a bus on trader plates, #26 0226AO and #7 0207AO

15 April 2021 11:03 AM

In album: Bus depots of Melbourne