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Recent uploads, images 169 to 192 shown on this page.

White paint applied to the side of the up Dandenong tracks at Cremorne

Another go at using Solacoat heat reflecting paint?

Saturday 28 January 2023 15:23 PM

In album: Metro Trains Melbourne trackwork

N454 passes light engine through South Yarra on a driver training run between Southern Cross and Dandenong

Following weeks of work to rationalise the junction at Caulfield, and connect the Metro Tunnel portal at South Yarra

Saturday 28 January 2023 15:20 PM

In album: Caulfield - Dandenong driver training

HCMT arrives into South Yarra on the up

Passing CBTC Block Marker SYR710 for down trains

Saturday 28 January 2023 15:19 PM

In album: Metro Trains Melbourne - Caulfield group

Fixed red signal SYR705 at the up end of South Yarra platform 6

It allows up trains to terminate here and return in the down direction

Saturday 28 January 2023 15:05 PM

In album: High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project