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EV120 track and overhead inspection vehicle

11 January 2023

EV120 is a Geismar model RB2214TM locomotive hauled track and overhead inspection vehicle for the Victorian broad gauge rail network, replacing overhead inspection car IEV102 and track inspection vehicle IEV100.

AK track recording cars

8 December 2022

The AK cars are a set of three specially equipped ex-NSWGR carriages fitted out for track inspection and testing purposes. They are operated by the Australian Rail Track Corporation over their standard gauge lines behind hired motive power on a regular basis

Pantograph Collision Detection System

5 October 2022

The 'Pantograph Collision Detection System' (PCDS) was developed by Australian Rail Technology and monitors the interface between the overhead centenary and the pantograph, provides real time warnings for unusual contacts or strikes.

V/Line corridor mapping project

27 August 2022

In August 2019 V/Line locomotive P12 was fitted with GPS, LIDAR and 360 degree camera equipment and sent all over Victoria to collect data about the rail network. In April 2020 a second survey was undertaken by locomotive P15, with ground penetrating radar equipment supplied by Zetica Rail used to measure trackbed condition, including ballast depth, fouling and roughness.

IEV100 track evaluation vehicle

17 March 2022

Formerly known as EM100, IEV100 is a track evaluation vehicle that traverses the Victorian railway network to test track quality. Diesel powered, it has both standard and broad gauge bogies.

Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102

31 October 2021

Converted from carriage MTH102 by SSR Bendigo in 2010, as of March 2011 this inspection carriage has been used to check up of the status of the overhead wiring along Melbourne's suburban railway network.

Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102 transfer, January 2017

5 January 2017

Metro Trains Melbourne's Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102 developed a brake issue in December 2016, with the T-IEV-T consist having having to be transferred back to Melbourne behind B76 and B80. In January IEV102 was transferred to Bendigo behind B76 and B80, with six freight wagons (BODX 2301C, BQCX 2202B, BQIX 2461D, IEV 102, BQCX 2201P, BQIX 2459V and BODX 2460V) along for the ride to counteract the unbraked carriage.

Speno ultrasonic rail flaw detector

Operated by Speno Australia, this hi-rail Unimog truck uses ultrasound to examine rails to find any flaws in them. The operator sits in the back, looking out over the sensor unit towed behind. It is usually escorted by a hi-rail escort in front and behind