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Pacific National - Western standard gauge

17 October 2021

Out on the Western standard gauge, from beyond Gheringhap across the plains towards South Australia

Metro Trains Melbourne - Northern group

16 October 2021

Metro Trains Melbourne services on the Werribee, Altona, Williamstown, Sunbury, Craigieburn and Upfield lines that make up the Northern group.

Melbourne suburban bits and pieces

16 October 2021

Photos of bits and pieces on and around Melbourne's suburban trains

V/Line - Regional Rail Link

15 October 2021

V/Line trains using the new Regional Rail Link tracks that have progressively come into use since December 2013.

Pacific National - Sadleirs Logistics

15 October 2021

Until September 2021 Pacific National moved freight by rail for Sadleirs Logistics with their fleet of RLSY louvre vans, attached to intermodal services.

North Dynon locomotives

13 October 2021

Qube Logistics operates a fuel point at the Footscray end of North Dynon Yard, with locomotives also being stabled in common user sidings at the city end.

Melbourne stations and infrastructure

9 October 2021

Photos of railway infrastructure in suburban Melbourne - stations, signals, and such

V/Line around Melbourne

9 October 2021

Pictures of V/line trains 'under the wires' around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. V/line has a mix of loco-hauled and DMU-run services.

Southern Shorthaul Railroad works trains

5 October 2021

Since August 2019 Southern Shorthaul Railroad has been operating works trains on the Melbourne suburban rail network on behalf of Metro Trains Melbourne.

Melbourne rail replacement buses

29 September 2021

When the *%@! hits the fan on Melbourne's rail network, buses have to be called in to operate a replacement service for passengers.


28 September 2021

Photos of bits and pieces to do with Melbourne's 'Myki' smartcard ticketing system

Failing rail infrastructure of Melbourne

28 September 2021

Melbourne's railway network is held together with bubblegum and duct tape - here are examples of the way that it is falling apart.

Pacific National Tocumwal freight

26 September 2021

Pacific National (formerly Patrick PortLink) operate a container service between Appleton Dock in Melbourne and Tocumwal, loading also being attached / removed at Mooroopna (Shepparton).

Pacific National - Melbourne standard gauge freight

24 September 2021

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal services from Adelaide and New South Wales meet at Melbourne, running via the western suburbs into the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon.

Melbourne suburban passenger information displays

16 September 2021

Next train displays at Melbourne suburban railway stations.

Commercialising commuters

11 September 2021

For Melbourne's privatised public transport operators, they don't make money by moving people - they make money selling their captive audiences to advertisers and other commercial outfits.

Comeng retirement transfer, 4 September 2021

4 September 2021

On 4 September 2021 retired Comeng sets 491M-1096T-492M and 339M-1020T-340M were transferred by P16 and P18 from Newport Workshops to North Shore in Geelong for long term storage.

12 car Comeng train

2 September 2021

After a Comeng train 578M-1139T-577M and 598M-1149T-597M failed at Flinders Street on 2 September 2021, 6-car consist 329M-1015T-366M and 371M-1036T-372M coupled up to it to form a 12-car Comeng train to transfer the failed set to the Calder Park sidings. 

Steamrail - Ballarat driver training, August 2021

28 August 2021

On 28 August 2021 Steamrail's steam locomotive R761 headed from Melbourne to Ballarat and return on a driver training run, hauling V/Line carriage sets SH34 and SH31.

Comeng retirement transfer, 21 August 2021

21 August 2021

On the evening of 18 August 2021 retired Comeng sets 320M-1107T-321M and 363M-1032T-364M were transferred push-pull by T386 and T385 from Newport Workshops, stabling at Tottenham Yard until they were transferred on 21 August to North Shore in Geelong for long term storage.

Tottenham Yard

21 August 2021

All sorts of stored and damaged wagons clogging up Tottenham Yard in Melbourne's west, with a few operational ones thrown in for good measure

Bikes at Melbourne stations

17 August 2021

Bike parking or lack thereof at Melbourne railway stations

Metro Trains Melbourne - Burnley group

14 August 2021

Metro Trains Melbourne services on the Belgrave, Lilydale, Alamein and Glen Waverley lines that make up the Burnley group.

Puffing Billy

14 August 2021

Photos of the popular narrow gauge heritage railway in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne

Qube Logistics Apex quarry train

12 August 2021

The Apex train carries gravel and other quarry products from Kilmore East on the North East line, to Westall in south-eastern Melbourne, Brooklyn in western Melbourne, and North Shore in Geelong. Originally operated by Freight Australia then Pacific National, in 2016 Qube Logistics won the contract.

Night Network Melbourne

8 August 2021

'Night Network' is the brand name for all night trains and trams across Melbourne on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a revamped Nightrider bus service.

Melbourne broad gauge freight

3 August 2021

Miscellaneous Pacific National broad gauge freight movements through Melbourne - there isn't much these days...

Southbank Depot

2 August 2021

Southbank Tram Depot located on the Port Melbourne light rail line supplies trams to route 12, 30, 35 and 96.

V/Line hired locomotives

29 July 2021

Occasionally V/Line has motive power shortages or failures, and need to hire locomotives from other operators for use on their own trains. In the photos here it is Freight Australia / Pacific National as the hirer

Melbourne Airport Rail

29 July 2021

The Melbourne Airport Rail is building a new double track railway branch from Albion station to Melbourne Airport, running parallel to the existing Albion-Jacana freight line as far as Keilor East, then following Airport Drive and Melrose Drive to the terminal area.

Metro Trains Melbourne - Caulfield group

29 July 2021

Metro Trains Melbourne services on the Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham lines that make up the Caulfield group.

High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project

29 July 2021

The High Capacity Corridor Upgrade project (previously the Cranbourne Pakenham Line Upgrade project) is being delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Authority to support the new High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) fleet. The work includes track duplication on the Cranbourne line at Dandenong South, minor platform extensions, and the replacement of signalling, overhead wires and traction substations along the Cranbourne and Pakenham railway lines.

Flinders Street Station

29 July 2021

Flinders Street Station is the main suburban train station for Melbourne, Victoria

Metro Trains Melbourne - inner suburban

29 July 2021

Metro Trains Melbourne services in the inner suburban area, covering Flinders Street Station, Southern Cross Station, the City Loop, North Melbourne and Richmond.

Melbourne Yard

29 July 2021

Located south of Spencer Street station, it ran from Flinders Street north to Moonee Ponds Creek. Today it is all part of the Docklands redevelopment, except for the area north of Dudley Street.

V/Line workshops, yards and shunting

29 July 2021

Pictures of V/Line trains and carriages at the West Melbourne Depot and Dudley Street carriage yards next to Southern Cross Station, Melbourne Yard, and South Dynon.

North Dynon

29 July 2021

Located between the main passenger lines at South Kensington and Dynon Roads, along with Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River, the North Dynon precinct includes the Agents Sidings and the P&O Trans Australia container terminal at 'T' gate.

V/Line to Bacchus Marsh

26 July 2021

Photos of the V/Line services that run to Bacchus Marsh, taken between there and the end of the wires back at Sunshine. As well as boring old VLocities and Sprinters, loco hauled trains with A, P and N classes are also used in peak times.

Pacific National broad gauge grain

25 July 2021

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, but drought has cut the level of traffic in recent years. Trains operate on both broad and standard gauges, with the main destinations being export terminals at Melbourne and Geelong, as well as Portland, and a number of domestic flour mills

Long Island steel train

24 July 2021

The Long Island steel train serves the BHP mill at Hastings, south of Frankston. The steel is transferred from broad to standard gauge trains at the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon. In 2015 this facility replaced the Melbourne Steel Terminal, just west of North Melbourne station.

IEV100 track evaluation vehicle

19 July 2021

Formerly known as EM100, IEV100 is a track evaluation vehicle that traverses the Victorian railway network to test track quality. Diesel powered, it has both standard and broad gauge bogies.

Melbourne suburban Digital Train Radio System

13 July 2021

The GSM-R based Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) replaced the analogue Urban Train Radio System (UTRS) used for communication on the Melbourne suburban rail network. Approximately 100 base stations make up the system with more than 70 new towers added to cover the network. Work stated in September 2009 and was completed in 2011, with trials of the on train equipment starting in 2012.

Richmond station

13 July 2021

A windblown concrete monolith from the 1950s with inadequate passenger interchange passageways and narrow platforms

Failing infrastructure at Southern Cross Station

13 July 2021

Southern Cross Station was only finished a decade ago, but the building is already starting to fall apart

Flinders Street Station upgrade

5 July 2021

In February 2015, the State Government announced a $100 million investment to repair the exterior of the station’s administration building as well as improve access and facilities for commuters. Work started in late 2015 and is due for completion in 2018.

Amskan RFID train identifier tags

5 July 2021

At some point in the past Amskan RFID train identifier tags were installed on Melbourne's fleet of Comeng and Hitachi trains, along with readers at Flinders Street Station, and possibly other locations

TPWS in suburban Melbourne

5 July 2021

Commencing in 2010 Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS) has been retrofitted to signals across suburban Melbourne.

V/Line at Southern Cross Station

5 July 2021

Southern Cross Station is the main hub of V/Line passenger services from around the state

South Dynon

23 June 2021

Located between Dynon and Footscray Roads, alongside Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River, the South Dynon precinct includes the Pacific National operated Melbourne Freight Terminal and Melbourne Operations Terminal