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Pacific National - North East standard gauge freight

21 May 2023

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal freight services on the North East line from Melbourne towards the NSW border at Albury.

Pacific National broad gauge grain

20 May 2023

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, but drought has cut the level of traffic in recent years. Broad gauge trains operate to export terminals at Melbourne and Geelong.

Pacific National - Western standard gauge

14 May 2023

Out on the Western standard gauge, from beyond Gheringhap across the plains towards South Australia

Pacific National Griffith freight

12 May 2023

Pacific National operates the standard gauge MC2/CM3 freight service from the Port of Melbourne to the NSW Riverina town of Griffith, with additional loading collected from Leeton and Bomen.

Pacific National standard gauge grain

5 May 2023

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, with Pacific National running grain trains from Victorian silos on standard gauge to export export terminals at Melbourne, Geelong and Portland, as well as interstate to NSW.

Pacific National - Melbourne standard gauge freight

21 April 2023

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal services from Adelaide and New South Wales meet at Melbourne, running via the western suburbs into the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon.

Geelong broad gauge freight

25 March 2023

Miscellaneous Pacific National broad gauge freight around Geelong - there is stuff all these days

Pacific National interstate steel trains

19 March 2023

Until 2021 Pacific National carried raw materials and finished steel product to and from the BlueScope, Arrium and Onesteel plants at Port Kembla, NSW and Westernport, Victoria; with trains running Melbourne-Wollongong-Brisbane and Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth. Since 2022 the trains only transport steel for Liberty Steel Australia from their plant at Whyalla.

Melbourne broad gauge freight

19 March 2023

Miscellaneous Pacific National broad gauge freight movements through Melbourne - there isn't much these days...

Pacific National Tocumwal freight

19 January 2023

Pacific National (formerly Patrick PortLink) operate a container service between Appleton Dock in Melbourne and Tocumwal, loading also being attached / removed at Mooroopna (Shepparton).

Pacific National - Main South freight

12 October 2022

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal freight services on the Main South line from Sydney towards the Victorian border at Albury.

Pacific National NSW grain trains

11 October 2022

Pacific National operates grain trains throughout New South Wales to both domestic customers and export terminals.

Pacific National ore trains

11 October 2022

Pacific National operates trains transporting containerised ore from mines across NSW to export terminals.

Pacific National Cripps Creek garbage train

10 October 2022

Since 2004 Pacific National runs garbage trains from Veolia's transfer stations at Clyde and Banksmeadow in metropolitan Sydney to the Cripps Creek intermodal terminal, outside Tarago in the Southern Highlands. From there the containerised rubbish is transferred to the Woodlawn Bioreactor, where the waste is placed in a former quarry to generate energy from landfill gas.

Pacific National limestone trains

10 October 2022

Pacifc National operates limestone trains from the quarry at South Marulan to Berrima and Maldon for the Boral cement works, Port Kembla for the BlueScope steelworks, and Moss Vale for Omya Australia.

Pacific National aggregate trains

10 October 2022

Pacifc National operates aggregate trains from quarries in the Southern Highlands at South Marulan and Lynwood to consumers around New South Wales.

Pacific National flour trains

9 October 2022

Pacifc National operates flour trains for Manildra Group between their Bomaderry ethanol, starch and glucose processing plant; and their flour mills at Narrandera, Manildra and Gunnedah.

Pacific National Manildra freight

6 October 2022

Pacific National operates a daily intermodal service for Manildra Group between their Bomaderry plant and Sydney.

Pacific National port shuttle trains

5 October 2022

Pacific National in conjunction with Rail Shuttle Services operates a port shuttle service between Port Botany and St Marys in Sydney's west.

Pacific National NSW coal trains

4 October 2022

Pacific National operates both domestic and export coal trains across New South Wales.

Pacific National NSW cement trains

3 October 2022

Pacific National operates trains from the Boral cement works at Berrima and Maldon in New South Wales.


Pacific National Bethungra derailment 2022

30 September 2022

On 15 January 2022 Pacific National freight train 6MB4 derailed while traversing the Bethungra Spiral northbound, with container wagons RRAY 7213S, RRQY 8515T and QQCY 1120F damaged along with a number of loaded containers.

Pacific National derailment at McIntyre, August 2022

18 August 2022

On the morning of Thursday 18 August 2022 a Pacific National standard gauge grain train arriving into #3 road at McIntyre Loop had the tracks split apart beneath the wagons at the rear, leaving their bogies in the dirt. The remaining wagons were shunted clear to clear the tracks, leaving the derailed wagons to be recovered later.

Pacific National standard gauge Mildura freight

15 June 2022

The Mildura freight runs from Merbein (just north of the town) to Melbourne and return for Wakefield Transport. The train is made up of standard and refrigerated containers, and commenced running on standard gauge from mid-2018 folliowing the gauge conversion of the Mildura line.

Pacific National Warrnambool freight

29 May 2022

The Warrnambool freight carries containers between Melbourne and the Westvic depot in Warrnambool, usually running Monday through Friday. Operated by Pacific National, except for a period between April and October 2008 when El Zorro took over the contract. The train length is constrained by short crossing loops and often runs during the day on the down trip due to pathing issues beyond Geelong

North Geelong 'hospital' train

6 March 2022

Pacific National operates an irregular 'hospital' train conveying broad gauge wagons between Melbourne and the maintenance facility at North Geelong Yard.

Pacific National Long Island steel train

1 January 2022

Until 2020 Pacific National operated the Long Island steel train to the BlueScope Steel mill at Hastings, south of Frankston. The steel is transferred from broad to standard gauge trains at the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon. In 2015 this facility replaced the Melbourne Steel Terminal, just west of North Melbourne station.

Pacific National locomotive scrapping at Dynon

1 January 2022

In January 2019 Pacific National commenced the scrapping of stored A class locomotives A73, A77, A81 and A85 at South Dynon. These units had been put into storage in late 2014 after seeing little use for many months. In April the scrapping of stored X class locomotives X41 and X42 commenced, followed in May by X39 and A79. In January 2020 scrapping of standard gauge locomotives commenced, with ex-Westrail N class diesel 1872 moved to North Dynon, followed by H1 and Y152.

Pacific National locomotive provisioning centre

12 December 2021

Pacific National's fleet of standard gauge locomotives is refuelled and maintained at the Locomotive Provisioning Centre at South Dynon.

Pacific National - Sadleirs Logistics

15 October 2021

Until September 2021 Pacific National moved freight by rail for Sadleirs Logistics with their fleet of RLSY louvre vans, attached to intermodal services.

UGL Spotswood Maintenance Centre

5 February 2021

UGL Limited operates a locomotive maintenance centre in the Melbourne suburbs of Spotswood, which caters for the heavy maintenance of Pacific National's standard gauge fleet.

Pacific National Bordertown log train

3 November 2020

In August 2020 Pacific National commenced operating a containerised log train from Bordertown in South Australia to the Port of Melbourne.

North Geelong wagon scrapping

24 March 2020

All kinds of wagons are stored at North Geelong Yard, in early to mid 2008 Pacific National started to scrap a lot of the older wagons. After a lull, work restarting with tank wagons and VHCA cement hoppers in 2010, with more tank wagons being scrapped in March 2011. Scrapping of hopper wagons commenced in late 2014.

Stored locomotives at North Geelong Yard

27 January 2020

In 2009 Pacific National started putting their older P, T, H and Y class locomotives into storage at North Geelong Yard, the units redundant following the downturn in broad gauge traffic and the availability of newer and more powerful XR and G class units. In 2010 more locomotives arrived, taking the collection to Y119, T399, H2, T388, P21, P23, T402, Y171, H3, H5 and Y174. In 2015 the locomotives were sold to Ettamogah Rail Hub, and transferred dead attached to the SRHC depot in Seymour for reactivation.

Tottenham Yard wagon scrapping

30 September 2019

In July 2019 Pacific National started another clean out of the stored wagons at Tottenham Yard. T392 was used to transfer them to North Dynon, where they were loaded onto trucks to be moved to the scrap yard by road.

P20 transfer to Newport Workshops

9 July 2019

On 9 July 2019 P20 was dead transferred between G527 and G536 from the scrap row at South Dynon, to Newport Workshops

Manildra sugar train

20 November 2018

Until 2019 Manildra Group moved sugar by rail from their plant in Grafton in NSW to their sidings at North Dynon in Melbourne. NGGF hopper wagons were used, which were attached to Pacific National intermodal or steel services.

Pacific National broad gauge Mildura freight

7 March 2018

The Mildura freight runs from Merbein (just north of the town) to Melbourne and return for Wakefield Transport. The train is made up of standard and refrigerated containers, as well as a small amount of cement loading. Until recent years oil tankers, louvre vans and LCL containers were also attached to the train. With gauge conversion of the Mildura line, in late 2017 the service was rerouted to serve a temporary freight terminal at Manangatang on the parallel Robinvale line, with a standard gauge service taking over in mid 2018.

Pacific National Kensington grain

16 September 2017

The flour mill Kensington at Kensington is one of the last to be rail served in Victoria, grain hoppers are taken there on a regular basis, requiring a convoluted route through the suburban and freight lines, with a reversal in Melbourne Yard. Until November 2017 this service was operated by Pacific National.

Waurn Ponds cement train

27 August 2017

Since the 2000s the main cement traffic in Victoria is from the Blue Circle Southern works at Waurn Ponds, outside Geelong. The major destination of the traffic was Lyndhurst in the south-east, which last saw a train in 2009, and Mildura and Somerton which saw the cement traffic end in December 2015.

Pacific National Apex quarry train

29 November 2016

The 'Apex' train carries gravel and other quarry products from Kilmore East on the North East line, to Westall in south-eastern Melbourne, Brooklyn in western Melbourne, and North Shore in Geelong. Originally operated by the Victorian Railways, V/Line, Freight Australia then Pacific National, in 2016 Qube Logistics won the contract.

Somerton steel shunt

11 November 2014

Until 2014 or so Pacific National ran a short trip train from South Dynon to Somerton, converying coil steel for the Tubemakers pipe factory.

8114 derailed at South Dynon, August 2012

22 August 2012

On August 22, 2012 Pacific National locomotive 8114 derailed outside the Melbourne Operations Terminal at South Dynon. Only a short distance off the rails, it was moved back onto the tracks with the use of timber blocks.

Ballarat broad gauge freight

10 April 2012

Until 2008 freight trains actually stopped at Ballarat - container wagons loaded and unloaded in the goods yard at Ballarat then attached onto the Pacific National service that ran between Mildura and Melbourne, and grain trains from Dunolly served the Bunge grain silos at Ballarat North.

Pacific National Maryvale paper train

14 March 2012

Until June 2013 Pacific National operated the Maryvale Paper train that ran from Melbourne to the Australian Paper factory at Maryvale, north of Morwell. The service is now operated by Qube Logistics.

Pacific National log trains

30 December 2011

Until 2009 Pacific National operated trains delivering logs to the Midway export woodchip plant at North Shore in Geelong, with logs sources from Bairnsdale and Wodonga. Y class locos are often used to shunt the wagons at Geelong

Pacific National fuel trains

17 May 2011

Until 2009 Pacifc National operated fuel trains from the Shell Australia loading facility at Sandown in Sydney to country terminals at Canberra, Dubbo, West Tamworth and Bomen.

Shell Geelong oil shunts

6 March 2011

Shell Refinery at Corio despatched fuel by rail until early 2008, with the last destinations being Mildura and Shepparton. Before this time Y class locomotives from Pacific National transferred the tank wagons to and from North Geelong Yard

Brooklyn wagon scrapping

5 June 2010

In 2010 Pacific National started to clear out the multitudes of stored wagons at Tottenham Yard and selling them for scrap. A dozen or so at a time are being dragged at 20 km/h to Brooklyn, where they are being pushing into the VR tip siding to be cut up.

Endeavour and Xplorer railcar transfers to Bombardier Dandenong

26 February 2010

The Endeavour and Xplorer railcars are operated by CityRail and CountryLink in New South Wales. Originally built at Dandenong in Victoria, in 2007-2009 they have been undergoing a refurbishment program at the same plant. To transfer the cars they are gauge converted from standard to broad at South Dynon, then hauled as unbraked wagons down to Dandenong. These transfer trains are being run by Pacific National depot at Geelong, with extra wagons for braking purposes which are stored at North Geelong Yard between runs