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Pacific National broad gauge grain

6 March 2023

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, but drought has cut the level of traffic in recent years. Broad gauge trains operate to export terminals at Melbourne and Geelong.

Pacific National standard gauge grain

7 February 2023

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, with Pacific National running grain trains from Victorian silos on standard gauge to export export terminals at Melbourne, Geelong and Portland, as well as interstate to NSW.

Pacific National NSW grain trains

11 October 2022

Pacific National operates grain trains throughout New South Wales to both domestic customers and export terminals.

Pacific National Kensington grain

16 September 2017

The flour mill Kensington at Kensington is one of the last to be rail served in Victoria, grain hoppers are taken there on a regular basis, requiring a convoluted route through the suburban and freight lines, with a reversal in Melbourne Yard. Until November 2017 this service was operated by Pacific National.