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Qube Logistics Apex quarry train

1 March 2023

The Apex train carries gravel and other quarry products from Kilmore East on the North East line, to Westall in south-eastern Melbourne, Brooklyn in western Melbourne, and North Shore in Geelong. Originally operated by Freight Australia then Pacific National, in 2016 Qube Logistics won the contract.

Qube Logistics interstate steel trains

19 February 2023

In December 2021 Qube Logistics commenced transporting BlueScope Steel products along the east coast, after winning a 10 year joint contract with SCT Logistics from Pacific National in 2020.

Qube Logistics Maryvale paper train

1 February 2023

Since June 2013 Qube Logistics has operated the Maryvale Paper train that runs from Melbourne to the Australian Paper factory at Maryvale, north of Morwell

Qube - Moorebank to Melbourne freight

27 January 2023

In November 2022 Qube Logistics commenced operating a intermodal service from Moorebank in Sydney to North Dynon in Melbourne.

Qube Logistics standard gauge grain

20 January 2023

Rail freight company Qube Logistics operates standard gauge grain trains across Victoria and New South Wales.

Qube Logistics Long Island steel train

22 November 2022

In January 2022 Qube Logistics commenced transporting BlueScope Steel products to the BlueScope Steel mill at Hastings, south of Frankston, after winning a 10 year joint contract from Pacific National in 2020. The steel is transferred from broad to standard gauge trains at the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon.

Qube Logistics broad gauge cement train

11 November 2022

In September 2019 Qube Logistics started a new containerised cement service running on broad gauge between North Dynon and the Kimberly Clark siding at Dandenong South. The loaded cement containers are brought down from New South Wales by train to Victoria Dock.

Qube Logistics standard gauge cement train

27 October 2022

In April 2018 Qube Logistics started a new service conveying containerised cement between Sydney and Melbourne. The containers are loaded at a cement works in NSW and trucked to the Minto intermodal terminal Minto in Sydney, then railed to Victoria Dock in Melbourne, replacing the Berrima to Somerton cement train once operated by Pacific National.

Qube Logistics Port Botany-Harefield freight

12 October 2022

Qube Logistics operates a train between Port Botany and Harefield in southern NSW conveying containerised paper products from the Visy paper mill at Tumut.

Qube ore trains

4 October 2022

Qube Logistics operates trains transporting containerised ore from mines across NSW to export terminals.

Qube Logistics hay train

15 September 2022

In June 2019 Qube Logistics commenced a new service conveying containerised hay from Ultima to the Port of Melbourne for export.

Qube Logistics Melbourne-Harefield freight

10 March 2022

Qube Logistics operates a train conveying containerised paper products between Melbourne and Harefield in southern NSW. The first services ran in 2012-14, before being diverted to Port Botany in NSW, then returned to Melbourne regularly in 2017-18.

Qube Logistics wagon transfers

31 December 2021

Qube Logistics occasionally operates empty container transfers from NSW into Melbourne.

Qube Logistics Ettamogah freight

25 July 2021

In July 2021 Qube Logistics commenced operating a containerised freight service between the Port of Melbourne and the Ettamogah Rail Hub outside Albury.

Qube Logistics works trains

1 March 2020

From 2018 Qube Logistics commenced operating works trains on the Melbourne suburban rail network on behalf of Metro Trains Melbourne.

Qube Logistics broad gauge grain

31 January 2020

Rail freight company Qube Logistics operates a handful of broad gauge grain trains in Victoria.

Qube Logistics Deniliquin rice train

11 January 2020

Currently operated by Qube Logistics (formerly P&O Trans Australia) the train carries export rice from the Sunrice plant at Deniliquin to the Port of Melbourne.

Ballarat Line Upgrade consolidation trains

27 November 2019

As part of the Ballarat Line Upgrade works that have duplicated the railway between between Caroline Springs and Melton, on 27 November 2019 a pair of heavy freight trains ran across the newly commissioned track for 24 hours, consolidating the recently laid ballast before normal services commenced on the line.

Qube's train was made up of B76, T373 and T376 push-pull with G512, container wagons from the Maryvale service, and cement tanktainers from the Dandenong service. Southern Shorthaul Railroad's train was made up of B75, S312, P17 and P18 push-pull with S302 and S317 on the Kensington grain consist.

Qube Logistics Tocumwal freight

5 December 2018

Since 2012 Qube Logistics (formerly P&O Trans Australia) have operated a container service between North Dynon in Melbourne and Tocumwal, with loading also occasionally being attached / removed at Mooroopna (Shepparton).

Qube derailment, December 2017

23 December 2017

On December 23, 2017 Qube's 6CM7 Harefield to Melbourne service came to a halt at McIntyre Loop, supposedly due to a broken rail. Lead locomotive QBX001 had to be rerailed, and was then taken off the train and stabled at the G&V wagon maintenance yard, while L277 arrived light engine to assist remaining locomotive QBX004 to bring the train into Melbourne.

Gauge converting PHAY wagons

16 February 2017

In December 2016 Qube Logistics obtained a number of PHAY hopper wagons from South Australia for use on the Apex quarry train in Victoria. Originally running on standard gauge, bogies from TQXF container wagons and WGSY grain hoppers were used to convert them to broad gauge. Additional wagons arrived in February 2017.

Qube Logistics Horsham freight

18 January 2012

Qube Logistics and predecessor P&O Trans Australia operated container services between Melbourne and Horsham. They commenced operating in August 2011 following the end of the MA2/AM2 service, and ended in mid-2012.

P&O Trans Australia wagon transfer

25 June 2011

In June 2011 P&O Trans Australia transferred a number of AFGF wagons from Adelaide atop standard gauge AQPY wagons along with a set of broad gauge for use in the upcoming Deniquillin rice train.

P&O Trans Australia Melbourne-Adelaide freight

30 April 2011

P&O Trans Australia operated their own Melbourne-Adelaide freight service between October 2009 and July 2011. You can find the history of the service here.