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Comeng train scrapping

11 February 2023

In January 2022 the scrapping of the first Comeng trains commenced at Newport Workshops, with the cut up trains transferred to a scrap yard at Dandenong South for further component separation and recycling. Further trains have been stripped at the McConnell Dowell yard at McIntyre then trucked complete Infrabuild Recycling yard at Laverton North, and the SSR North Bendigo Workshops.

Comeng transfer, 8 February 2023

8 February 2023

On Wednesday 8 February 2023 SSR locomotives T363 and P16 hauled retired Comeng sets 465M-1083T-466M and 409M-1055T-410M from Craigieburn Workshops via Tottenham Yard to McIntyre for scrapping.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 9 January 2023

9 January 2023

On Monday 9 January 2023 SSR locomotives T363 and T381 hauled retired Comeng sets 322M-1011T-425M and 419M-1060T-420M from Tottenham Yard to McIntyre for scrapping.

Comeng scrapping transfer, 15 July 2022

15 July 2022

On Friday 15 July 2022 SSR locomotives T386 and T385 hauled retired Comeng sets 403M-1018T-404M and 427M-1052T-487M from Newport Workshops to McIntyre for scrapping.

Pacific National locomotive scrapping at Dynon

1 January 2022

In January 2019 Pacific National commenced the scrapping of stored A class locomotives A73, A77, A81 and A85 at South Dynon. These units had been put into storage in late 2014 after seeing little use for many months. In April the scrapping of stored X class locomotives X41 and X42 commenced, followed in May by X39 and A79. In January 2020 scrapping of standard gauge locomotives commenced, with ex-Westrail N class diesel 1872 moved to North Dynon, followed by H1 and Y152.

Pacific National wagon scrapping at Dynon

14 December 2021

In December 2021 Pacific National commenced the scrapping redundant grain hoppers and Sadleirs louvred van at North Dynon.

North Geelong wagon scrapping

24 March 2020

All kinds of wagons are stored at North Geelong Yard, in early to mid 2008 Pacific National started to scrap a lot of the older wagons. After a lull, work restarting with tank wagons and VHCA cement hoppers in 2010, with more tank wagons being scrapped in March 2011. Scrapping of hopper wagons commenced in late 2014.

Tottenham Yard wagon scrapping

30 September 2019

In July 2019 Pacific National started another clean out of the stored wagons at Tottenham Yard. T392 was used to transfer them to North Dynon, where they were loaded onto trucks to be moved to the scrap yard by road.

P20 transfer to Newport Workshops

9 July 2019

On 9 July 2019 P20 was dead transferred between G527 and G536 from the scrap row at South Dynon, to Newport Workshops

SCT stored and scrapped wagons at Altona

18 November 2014

SCT Logistics have stored a number of redundant wagons on the ground at their depot in Laverton. Originally placed there in 2008, scrapping started in late 2014.

North Dynon scrapping

27 October 2012

For yeasrs ex-Murraylander carriage BRB86 and Aurizon diesel locomotive CLF7 were stored dead at North Dynon - on 9 October 2016 the cranes arrived to take them away for scrapping.

Road Transferable Locomotive

25 September 2011

Back in the 1990s V/Line acquired a single Road Transferable Locomotive, capable of hauling a number of rail wagons, then heading off by road to the next job. Freight Australia repainted it and used it for a number of years, putting it into storage at South Dynon around 2004, and then pulling bits off it by 2009. The rego plate is MVORTL, white on green "Victoria on the Move".

B64 transfer by road to South Dynon

16 December 2010

B64 was stored for a number of years at Ballarat East for / by Steamrail Victoria. In 2008 it was purchased by El Zorro and moved to Avteq to be rebuilt and recommissioned. For an unknown reason it was moved to the old FCL shed at South Dynon by road, coincidentally this shed has a number of container-mounted gensets with the El Zorro name on them. Two new ZDXF type container flats were also moved here and placed on the ground minus bogies.

Brooklyn wagon scrapping

5 June 2010

In 2010 Pacific National started to clear out the multitudes of stored wagons at Tottenham Yard and selling them for scrap. A dozen or so at a time are being dragged at 20 km/h to Brooklyn, where they are being pushing into the VR tip siding to be cut up.

Newport Workshops 'Rotten Road'

30 October 2009

'Rotten Road' at the Newport Workshops in Melbourne is located beside the Geelong railway line, and is full of heritage rolling stock stored in the open. In 2008 Victrack has started to scrap the stuff which is falling apart.

Return of the Bendigo Hitachis, August 2006

31 August 2006

After their withdrawal from suburban service in Melbourne, in February 2004 four 3-car Hitachi sets 29M-1972T-214M-25M-1945T-84M-221M-1947T-195M-140M-1936T-155M were transferred to the Bendigo North Workshops and stored unsecured in the open. In 2006 stripped of parts, and with broken windows and covered with graffiti, they were moved back to Melbourne by El Zorro using Y145 and S302 in the middle of the night of August 30th. Here they are upon arrival the next morning at Newport Workshops.

4Ds last run, March 2006

29 March 2006

The double deck 4D train had a difficult career, failing often and being an orphan in the fleet, and by 2003 it was in storage at Newport. By 2006 it reached the end of the line being stripped for parts. This was definitely the 4D train's last run, from Newport to Simsmetal at Brooklyn. El Zorro's Y168 and W241 took the 4D away, with a small number of other freight wagons for braking purposes.

VR crane 31

Stored at Spotswood for years pending eventual preservation, due to the cost of moving it elsewhere, the crane was scrapped in March 2009

Ex-V/Line equipment from South Dynon freight terminal

Two doodads marked for scrap at South Dynon:

In V/Line orange is an internal transfer vehicle, purchased in 1989/1990 to shift containers around at the South Dynon Container Terminal. Unlike normal trailers it doesn't have twistlocks, the containers are just dropped into place. It has the number '6-61-001' on the side, which puts it with various other Victorian track machines that have numbers in the format.

In yellow are two Malcolm Moore lifting units that were part of the original container cranes at South Dynon. Each unit was secured to the lifting shaft on the gantry by chains, the lifting unit went up, down, sideways and could turn at least 180 degrees. The crane ran on the crane rails the total length on the operating area being around 700 metres. Either 20', 30' or 40' containers could be top lifted. Also four calliper lifting arms can be swung out and down to line up with the lifting pockets on 'bottom' lift units. Originally 6 'yellow cranes' were built for NSW in the 1970's for the Enfield container terminal, which was later cancelled, hence a pair were bought by the PTC.