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High Capacity Metro Train high speed testing on the Werribee line

23 October 2021

On the evening of 2 January 2020 HCMT set 2 commenced brake testing runs on the Werribee line, between Newport and Werribee. The train had been delivered to the stabling yard at Newport Workshops a week earlier, hauled by a pair of diesel locomotives.

High Capacity Metro Train testing on the Sunbury line

16 February 2021

In September 2020 the testing of HCMT trains commenced on the Sunbury line. Early movements were at night to allow testing of platform clearances, with testing between revenue services commencing on September 30.

High Capacity Metro Train gradient testing on the Belgrave line

14 January 2021

On the evening of 12 March 2020 HCMT set 2 was transferred to Upper Ferntree Gully behind P18 and T385 in preparation for brake testing on the Belgrave line, between Upper Ferntree Gully and Upwey. During January 2021 another testing program was completed on the line, with HCMT sets 3 and 10 testing whether a HCMT set could push and pull a failed classmate up the 1 in 30 grade.

V/Line - 9-car VLocity train testing

21 June 2020

On 21 June 2020 V/Line sent VLocity sets VL07, VL63 and VL23 from Southern Cross Station to Wyndham Vale to test the operation of 9-car VLocity trains, as well as platform fit for the longer trains.

E class tram testing

8 May 2019

The E class tram are three-section, four-bogie articulated trams built by Bombardier. From 2013 the first two trams spent a number of months in testing around the Melbourne tram network.

HCMT CCTV testing at Cheltenham

19 May 2018

On 19 May 2018 a Comeng train was sent to Cheltenham platform 1 and had multiple CCTV cameras taped to the outside, apparently testing something new as part of the High Capacity Metro Train project.

New X'Trapolis EMUs

11 April 2018

A second batch of X'Trapolis EMUs are being imported, number from 1M upwards (and 1301T). The first 6 car set arrived in 2009 and underwent testing before being commissioned into service.

Siemens train braking issues

15 January 2018

A number of Melbourne's Siemens trains were withdrawn from service in 2007 due to braking issues. The Werribee line between Newport and Laverton was used to test the affected sets. The test procedure involved spraying soapy water onto the rails to confirm the operation of the brakes. By 2010 it was decided the solution to the problem was to install sandboxes to the middle four bogies of each 3-car set.

Steamrail - A2 986 test runs 2015

8 November 2015

In 2015 Steamrail completed their restoration of steam locomotive A2 986, with a number of mainline test runs being completed between Newport and Sunshine to test it out before it hauls a passenger train.

V/Line - Regional Rail Link test trains

4 December 2014

Testing and driver training trains on Regional Rail Link before the official commencement of passenger services in 2013-2014.

Steamrail - R711 test run to Seymour, October 2011

29 October 2011

R711 headed up to Seymour on Saturday October 29, 2011 - another test and training run after restoration, before she can reenter normal preservation services.

DERMPAV - RM58 test run February 2011

21 February 2011

RM58 has been restored by DERM Preservation Association of Victoria and went out for a test run on February 21 from Newport to Melbourne Yard and return.

X'Trapolis test run to Craigieburn, January 2011

20 January 2011

After the last train on 19 January 2011, set 33M-34M + 35M-36M headed slowly to Craigieburn in order to clear the route for X'Trapolis trains.

El Zorro to Morwell, October 2008

22 October 2008

On October 22, 2008 El Zorro ran a test train to the Gippsland Intermodal Freight Terminal at Morwell, as a promotional event for local companies interested in using the terminal. The four container wagons were previously used on the Warrnambool contract: CQOY 2393 and three ZQLXs

V/Line VLocity train testing

11 November 2005

VLocity trains under testing before their 2005 entry to V/Line service.