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SCT wagons

16 October 2022

Various container wagons, box vans and refrigerated wagons as used by SCT Logistics on their Melbourne - Perth - Adelaide - Parkes services.

Grounded wagons, carriages and trams

10 October 2022

Photos of retired freight wagons and passenger carriages now on solid ground minus bogies

Journey Beyond Rail carriages

5 January 2022

Carriages as used by Journey Beyond Rail, formerly Great Southern Rail, on their trains, including the Indian Pacific, The Ghan, The Overland and the Great Southern.

Rollingstock bits and pieces

30 November 2021

Looking underneath freight wagons and passenger carriages at the bits that make them roll along the tracks

North Geelong wagon scrapping

24 March 2020

All kinds of wagons are stored at North Geelong Yard, in early to mid 2008 Pacific National started to scrap a lot of the older wagons. After a lull, work restarting with tank wagons and VHCA cement hoppers in 2010, with more tank wagons being scrapped in March 2011. Scrapping of hopper wagons commenced in late 2014.

SCT stored and scrapped wagons at Altona

18 November 2014

SCT Logistics have stored a number of redundant wagons on the ground at their depot in Laverton. Originally placed there in 2008, scrapping started in late 2014.

North Dynon scrapping

27 October 2012

For yeasrs ex-Murraylander carriage BRB86 and Aurizon diesel locomotive CLF7 were stored dead at North Dynon - on 9 October 2016 the cranes arrived to take them away for scrapping.

Brooklyn wagon scrapping

5 June 2010

In 2010 Pacific National started to clear out the multitudes of stored wagons at Tottenham Yard and selling them for scrap. A dozen or so at a time are being dragged at 20 km/h to Brooklyn, where they are being pushing into the VR tip siding to be cut up.

Shunter training rig

23 May 2009

Originally situated under the Melbourne Yard 'Hump' it was used for training shunters in coupling wagons, it was moved to outside the Melbourne Steel Terminal and repainted in 2008

Portland stored grain hoppers

10 January 2009

For a number of years Pacific National stored a large number of standard gauge grain hoppers in the harbour sidings at Portland

Wagons and containers

Photos of various freight wagons - if I know what train they are on then the photos are sorted into albums by operator and service, otherwise they are in albums by wagon code. You can view the new wagon and container photos in the order they were uploaded at this page.

Tottenham Yard

All sorts of stored and damaged wagons clogging up Tottenham Yard in Melbourne's west, with a few operational ones thrown in for good measure