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Standard gauge

Two standard gauge lines enter Victoria, from Adelaide and New South Wales. A variety of operators run freight trains over them, as well as interstate passenger trains by GSR and NSW TrainLink

AK track recording cars

8 December 2022

The AK cars are a set of three specially equipped ex-NSWGR carriages fitted out for track inspection and testing purposes. They are operated by the Australian Rail Track Corporation over their standard gauge lines behind hired motive power on a regular basis

Bacardi Express 2009

27 March 2009

In March 2009 the Bacardi company chartered the Southern Aurora consist from the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum to run a special train between Melbourne and Sydney, with a number of concerts along the way.

C's On The Northeast Tour 2015

21 November 2015

On November 21, 2015 C501 and C510 led a train from Melbourne to Albury and return, using the Steamrail fleet of standard gauge K carriages. Due to Southern Cross only have two standard gauge platforms that are both occupied on Saturday mornings, the train commenced empty cars at South Dynon, then picked up passengers at Broadmeadows station.

CountryLink XPT derailment, July 2014

1 May 2017

On the morning of July 11, 2014 the Sydney-bound XPT derailed just outside Southern Cross Station, where the dual gauge tracks over the North Melbourne flyover split into separate standard and broad gauge tracks. The newly rebuilt tracks has just opened for service that morning.

El Zorro mineral sands train

18 June 2011

The mineral sands train was operated by El Zorro and runs on an irregular basis between Melbourne and Portland, to transport titanium and zircon mineral sands processed by Iluka Resources at Hamilton

El Zorro standard gauge grain trains

24 April 2013

El Zorro once operated a number of grain trains inside and through Victoria on standard gauges, using a mix of hired locomotives and wagons.

Endeavour and Xplorer railcar transfers to Bombardier Dandenong

26 February 2010

The Endeavour and Xplorer railcars are operated by CityRail and CountryLink in New South Wales. Originally built at Dandenong in Victoria, in 2007-2009 they have been undergoing a refurbishment program at the same plant. To transfer the cars they are gauge converted from standard to broad at South Dynon, then hauled as unbraked wagons down to Dandenong. These transfer trains are being run by Pacific National depot at Geelong, with extra wagons for braking purposes which are stored at North Geelong Yard between runs

Freight around metropolitan Adelaide

2 October 2019

Freight trains around suburban Adelaide: the arrive from the north and east, and head for Dry Creek and the Lefevre Peninsula. The majority are standard gauge, the exception being the broad gauge Penrice stone train.

Freight in the Adelaide Hills and Mount Lofty

5 December 2011

Freight action headed west from Adelaide, headed up the hills and east towards Victoria.

Freight west from Adelaide

3 December 2011

Freight trains headed west across the plains from Adelaide bound for Perth and Darwin. With no low bridges or tunnels, there is nothing stopping double stack containers and high cube boxvans from operating.

Great Southern Rail - Southern Spirit

13 February 2011

A very expensive rail cruise operated by Great Southern Rail, running on various routes around Australia a few times a year between 2010 and 2012.

GWA grain services

1 May 2019

Genesee & Wyoming Australia have operated a number of standard gauge grain services through Victoria, usually with hoppers hired from CFCLA

Journey Beyond Rail - The Overland

4 September 2022

Journey Beyond Rail, formerly Great Southern Rail, operates 'The Overland' from Melbourne to Adelaide, via Geelong, Ararat and the Western standard gauge

Lachlan Valley Railway

30 March 2017

Lachlan Valley Railway is based in the New South Wales Central Western town of Cowra, but after the closure of the Demondrille to Cowra line in 2009, their fleet has been moved Cootamundra.

Locomotives, light engines, and lashups

30 January 2023

As the title suggests: Locomotives, Light Engines, and Lashups of various freight locos. There is a lot of smoking it up for the camera as well... ;-)

Manildra sugar train

20 November 2018

Until 2019 Manildra Group moved sugar by rail from their plant in Grafton in NSW to their sidings at North Dynon in Melbourne. NGGF hopper wagons were used, which were attached to Pacific National intermodal or steel services.

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Ararat 2007

25 April 2007

Every so often the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum runs their heritage trains across the border and into 'Mexico' - this time 4201 and 4520 lead their Southern Auroa set through Melbourne to Ararat.

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Melbourne Cup Aurora 2011

1 November 2011

Heritage locomotives 4490 lead 4520 on the 11 carriage train of ex-Southern Aurora carriages from NSW to Melbourne on November 01, 2011.

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Melbourne Cup Aurora 2012

6 November 2012

Heritage locomotives 44211 lead 4490 on the 10 carriage train of ex-Southern Aurora carriages from NSW to Melbourne on November 06, 2012.

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Melbourne Cup Aurora 2015

3 November 2015

CFCLA locomotives FL220 and HL203 lead a 13 carriage train of ex-Southern Aurora carriages from NSW to Melbourne on November 3, 2015.

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Southern Aurora 50th anniversary 2012

26 May 2012

On 26 May 2012 the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum ran a special 50th anniversary recreation of the Southern Aurora from Sydney to Melbourne. Heritage locomotives 4490 and 4306 led the train.

NSW Rail Transport Museum Thirlmere

13 May 2011

New South Wales Rail Transport Museum, located at Thirlmere.

NSW TrainLink bits

9 November 2022

Just bits and pieces of NSW TrainLink trains, carriages and railcars

NSW TrainLink in Victoria

23 January 2023

NSW TrainLink, formerly CountryLink, is the operator of country passenger services in New South Wales. They also operate their XPT across the border into Melbourne.

Pacific National - Main South freight

12 October 2022

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal freight services on the Main South line from Sydney towards the Victorian border at Albury.

Pacific National - Melbourne standard gauge freight

29 November 2022

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal services from Adelaide and New South Wales meet at Melbourne, running via the western suburbs into the Melbourne Freight Terminal at South Dynon.

Pacific National - North East standard gauge freight

27 January 2023

Pacific National standard gauge intermodal freight services on the North East line from Melbourne towards the NSW border at Albury.

Pacific National - Sadleirs Logistics

15 October 2021

Until September 2021 Pacific National moved freight by rail for Sadleirs Logistics with their fleet of RLSY louvre vans, attached to intermodal services.

Pacific National - Western standard gauge

26 January 2023

Out on the Western standard gauge, from beyond Gheringhap across the plains towards South Australia

Pacific National Bordertown log train

3 November 2020

In August 2020 Pacific National commenced operating a containerised log train from Bordertown in South Australia to the Port of Melbourne.

Pacific National Griffith freight

12 October 2022

Pacific National operates the standard gauge MC2/CM3 freight service from the Port of Melbourne to the NSW Riverina town of Griffith, with additional loading collected from Leeton and Bomen.

Pacific National standard gauge grain

20 January 2023

Grain is a major freight traffic in Victoria, with Pacific National running grain trains from Victorian silos on standard gauge to export export terminals at Melbourne, Geelong and Portland, as well as interstate to NSW.

Portland stored grain hoppers

10 January 2009

For a number of years Pacific National stored a large number of standard gauge grain hoppers in the harbour sidings at Portland

Qube Logistics Ettamogah freight

25 July 2021

In July 2021 Qube Logistics commenced operating a containerised freight service between the Port of Melbourne and the Ettamogah Rail Hub outside Albury.

SCT Logistics - Sadleirs Logistics

26 January 2023

On 29 September 2021 SCT Logistics commenced providing rail services to Sadleirs Logistics.

Southern Shorthaul Railroad driver training

18 November 2017

In July 2017 Southern Shorthaul Railroad commenced operating driver training runs north and west of Melbourne, in preparation for the operation of grain trains on the standard gauge.

SRHC - Cruise Express charter, May 2019

31 May 2019

On 31 May 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a special standard gauge train from Albury to Southern Cross to convey passengers on a 'Cruise Express' tour. T357 and P22 led the train, with 1BS, 11BS, 4AS and Parlor Car in the consist.

SRHC - Spirit of Progress to Albury, November 2019

23 November 2019

On 23 November 2019 the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ran a standard gauge tour from Southern Cross Station to Albury and return. T357 and P22 led the train, made up of carriages 1 BS, 11 BS, 4 AS and Parlor Car.

St James Rail - Southern Aurora 60th anniversary 2022

24 April 2022

In April 2022 St James Rail operated a special six day rail cruise from Sydney to Melbourne and return to make the 60th anniversary of the Southern Aurora. Heritage locomotives S303, P22 and T357 led the train

Stored locomotives at Ettamogah

29 September 2022

In 2017 a number of ex-Freight Australia locomotives previously sold to the Ettamogah Rail Hub were transferred to Ettamogah for long term storage pending possible reactivation to service.

V/Line - Standard gauge to Albury

27 January 2023

On July 2011 V/Line ran their first standard gauge service to Albury, after almost 3 years of bus replacements, and countless months wasted of back and forth between the different parties involved.

V/Line - standard gauge transfers to Ettamogah

2 August 2022

Following their replacement by the new standard gauge VLocity trains in 2022, V/Line's fleet of standard gauge carriages used on the Albury line were transferred to the SRHC depot in Seymour for storage. On 2 August 2022 six of the stored carriages, along with three recently retired carriages, were transferred by V/Line from Melbourne to Seymour and on to Albury, where they are being put into storage at Ettamogah on behalf of the rail heritage groups they are being handed over to. From north end the consist was ACN45, BN22, BN10, BN7, BRN34, ACN24 (all stripped of livery) then PTV liveried BN5, BRN43 and ACN48.

V/Line - standard gauge VLocity testing

6 June 2022

On 23 September 2021 recently gauge converted VLocity VS93 departed South Dynon for Seymour on standard gauge, in preparation for testing on the North East line.

V/Line - standard gauge workshops and shunting

23 November 2021

V/Line's fleet of standard gauge trains are maintained at South Dynon, with diesel locomotive P13 retained as a shunter.

V/Line trackwork and maintenance

29 November 2022

Trackwork on the V/Line network that stretches across Victoria

Western NSW freight

31 March 2017

Freight in New South Wales from the Blue Mountains and further west.

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