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Steam operated trains from around Australia

707 Operations - 'Wizarding Academy Express' charter 2019

2 November 2019

On the weekend of 2 and 3 November 2019 707 Operations ran 'Wizarding Academy Express' charter trains. Running out of Southern Cross Station, passengers were treated to a magic themed train journey that was 100% not infringing the copyright of the popular 'Harry Power' series of books. R707 and T413 ran the train push pull to Caroline Springs and back, the train made up of PCP 294, BZ 270, Club 1, ACZ 255 and BK 708.

707 Operations - Ballarat September 2009

13 September 2009

R707 lead a 7 car train push-pull with T413 from Melbourne to Ballarat and back, via North Geelong

707 Operations - Bendigo Heritage Unwrapped, May 2019

11 May 2019

On 11 May 2019 R707 led a special train to Bendigo for the 'Heritage Unwrapped Festival' with carriages PCP294, ACZ 255, BRS 224, Club Car 1, BS 205 and BK 708.

707 Operations - Best of British suburban tour, July 2017

16 July 2017

On July 16, 2017 707 Operations ran their 'Best of British' tour around the Melbourne suburbs, visiting Aircraft, the Newport-Sunshine goods lines, Caroline Springs, West Tower and the reversing loop, with diesel shunter F208 and mainline steam locomotive R707 running push pull.

707 Operations - Classic Carriage Soiree to South Geelong, July 2017

15 July 2017

On July 15, 2017 707 Operations ran restored steam locomotive R707 and vintage train to South Geelong to celebrate their expanded fleet of classic carriages.

707 Operations - Cruise Express charter, July 2019

21 July 2019

On 21 July 2019 707 Operations ran a charter for 'Cruise Express' from Southern Cross to Newport Workshops and Seymour. R707 and Y127 led the first half of the tour, with R707, H3 and H5 taking over to Seymour, with carriages PCP 294, ACZ 255, BRS 224, BS 205, BS 212, Club 1, JTA6, D318 and Dining Car making up the train.

707 Operations - Geelong and Bellarine Railway, July 2014

6 July 2014

On 6 July 2014 707 Operations ran a tour to Geelong with R707, connecting with a bus to Queenscliff for a ride on the Bellarine Railway.

707 Operations - Geelong August 2009

2 August 2009

With R707 out of action for maintenance, Steamrail kindly provided K153 for use on this trip, with T413 bringing up the rear

707 Operations - Geelong May 2009

17 May 2009

R707 led 3 carriages, a PCP van and T413 to Geelong and return on May 17, 2009

707 Operations - Geelong Revival Motoring Festival, November 2019

24 November 2019

On 24 November 2019 707 Operations ran a steam hauled heritage train from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station to Geelong for the 2019 Geelong Revival Motoring Festival. The train via via Altona and Werribee on the down and Wyndham Vale on the up, with R707 and T392 hauling a train made up of carriages PCP294, JTA6, ACZ255, BZ270, CLUB1, BS205 and BK708.

707 Operations - Newport to Marshall August 2008

10 August 2008

On August 10, 707 Operations ran a charter train from Newport to Marshall for their members. R707 led 5 S and Z cars, a PCP power van, with T413 attached to the rear.

707 Operations - Seymour December 2012

1 December 2012

Just before the summer fire bans kicked in, R707 lead a train from Melbourne to Seymour and return on December 01, 2012

707 Operations - Seymour May 2012

19 May 2012

707 Operations took R707 to Seymour and return on 19 May 2012, with T413 providing some assistance.

707 Operations - Seymour October 2014

18 October 2014

On October 18, 2014 R711 and R707 double headed a train Southern Cross to Seymour and return, conveying passengers for the 'Tastes of the Goulburn' festival

707 Operations - Seymour transfer, July 2018

28 July 2018

On 28 July 2018 T413 and H5 worked a train made up of PCP294, NAM2336, Club Car 'Victoria', BS216, Avoca, BS219 and VAM1 from Newport Workshops to Seymour, the BS carriages earmarked for restoration at the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre. The train returned a day later, with F202 and H3 in the consist and minus a few carriages.

707 Operations - Seymour, July 2015

19 July 2015

On July 19, 2015 707 Operations ran a special train to Seymour and return, featuring a trio of R class steam locomotives: R707, R711 and R761

707 Operations - Steam and Streamliner, August 2018

26 August 2018

707 Operations ran their 'Steam and Streamliner' tour from Newport to Berwick and Stony Point on 26 August 2018, featuring steam locomotive R707 and recently retired V/Line diesel locomotive A66.

707 Operations - Steam over Skyrail to Sale, June 2018

23 June 2018

On 23 June 2018 707 Operations ran their 'Steam over Skyrail to Sale' train from Newport Workshops to Sale and return, being the first steam train to pass over the completed 'skyrail' viaducts between Caulfield and Dandenong. R707 led the train, with H5 and T413 assisting a train made up of PCP 294, SJ 284, Club 1, NAM 2336, LAN 2354, BS 212, BS 205, BK 708, BRS 224, BZ 270, ACZ255.

707 Operations - Strawberry and Cherry Festival, November 2018

17 November 2018

On 17 November 2018 707 Operations ran a special train to the Strawberry and Cherry Festival at Bacchus Marsh, with R707 leading Y127 and T413 along with PCP 294, ACZ 255, BZ 270, BRS 224, Club 1, BS 205, JTA 6 and D 318.

707 Operations - Suburban tour December 2009

5 December 2009

R707 and T413 ran push pull around the Melbourne suburbs, from Newport to Glen Waverley, Flemington Racecourse and Lilydale. Chasing a train around suburbia by car = fail!

707 Operations - Tastes of the Goulburn, 2018

20 October 2018

707 Operations ran a special train from Melbourne to Seymour and return on 20 October 2018 to transport passengers to the 'Tastes of the Goulburn' festival in Seymour. R707 and H5 led the train, with carriages PCP 294, ACZ 255, BZ 270, BS 205, BRS 224, BK 708 and BS 212 in the consist.

707 Operations - Tastes of the Goulburn, 2019

19 October 2019

707 Operations ran a special train from Melbourne to Seymour and return on 19 October 2018 to transport passengers to the 'Tastes of the Goulburn' festival in Seymour. R707, H5 and T392 led the train, with carriages VAM 1, PCP 294, ACZ 255, BZ 270, BRS 224, CLUB 1, BS 205, BS 212, JTA 6, BK 708, Moorabool and D318 in the consist.

707 Operations - Winter School Holiday Steam to Gisborne, 2019

7 July 2019

707 Operations ran a school holiday special to Gisborne on 7 July 2019, with R707 leading PCP294, ACZ255, BRS224, Club1, BS205, BS202 and D318. Due to the lack of turntable, the train returned to Melbourne tender first

Bellarine Peninsula Railway

3 July 2021

The Bellarine Peninsula Railway operates between Queenscliff and Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula, outside Geelong. Once a broad gauge line that closed in 1978, it is now regauged to 3"6' and has a wide variety of narrow gauge rolling stock from around Australia

Geelong Rail 150

24 June 2007

A collection of photos of the special trains that ran to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Geelong - Melbourne Railway. Locomotives included R761, R707, D3 658 and diesel T356.

K190 transfer to Castlemaine, 2011

29 October 2011

On 29 October 2011 Steamrail steam locomotive K190 was transferred from Newport to Castlemaine, to help out over summer at the Victorian Goldfields Railway

NSW Rail Transport Museum - Steam Train Sunday, October 2015

25 October 2015

On 25 October 2015 NSW Rail Transport Museum steam locomotive 3642 lead a 'Steam Train Sunday' train from Sydney Central to the Sydney Tramway Museum.

Puffing Billy

12 January 2021

Photos of the popular narrow gauge heritage railway in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne

R707 Seymour transfer, June 2017

8 June 2017

On June 08, 2017 steam locomotive R707 headed light engine from Newport to Seymour via Southern Cross Station, on loan from 707 Operations to run an upcoming Seymour Railway Heritage Centre tour.

Semaphore to Fort Glanville Tourist Railway

3 October 2019

Running along the foreshore in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, this two kilometre long narrow gauge railway runs between Semaphore Jetty and Fort Glanville.

SRHC / Steamrail - Tastes of the Goulburn 2010

16 October 2010

SRHC ran shuttles north from Seymour with T357 and T413, while Steamrail ran a train from Melbourne to Seymour with R761. After their arrival T413 was replaced on the shuttles by R761.

Steam locomotive J539 preserved at Dimboola

27 June 2010

Steam locomotive J539 is now statically preserved in a park in Dimboola

Steam locomotive K183 preserved at Yarragon

25 August 2012

'K183' is statically preserved at Yarragon - but is actually a renumbered K162

Steamrail - 'Ballarat Discoverer' May 2009

2 May 2009

R761 lead a 5 car train from Melbourne to Ballarat and return, via Bacchus March both ways.

Steamrail - 'Eureka Express' to Ballarat, April 2021

24 April 2021

On 24 April 2021 R711 & A2 986 led a double headed train to Ballarat via Bacchus Marsh in the morning, and North Geelong and Tarneit on the return.

Steamrail - 'Geelong Flyer' September 2006

28 September 2006

R761 was the loco with a train of mostly wooden cars

Steamrail - A2 986 'Spirit of Warragul' May 2017

13 May 2017

After sitting in a park in Warragul for years, on 13 May 2017 newly restored steam locomotive A2 986 officially reentered service, running to Warragul where it was named 'Spirit of Warragul'.

Steamrail - A2 986 testing runs

8 November 2015

In 2015 Steamrail completed their restoration of steam locomotive A2 986, with a number of mainline test runs being completed between Newport and Sunshine to test it out before it hauls a passenger train.

Steamrail - Bacchus Marsh September 2007

27 September 2007

D3 658 was the loco on a train of wooden cars, bound for Bacchus Marsh

Steamrail - Ballarat driver training September 2009

13 September 2009

Recently repaired R761 took 5 cars on a driver training run from Melbourne to Ballarat - via Geelong on Saturday 12th, and back via Bacchus Marsh on Sunday 13th

Steamrail - Ballarat East depot

26 March 2011

Stored trains at the Ballarat East locomotive depot

Steamrail - Ballarat transfer, May 2021

15 May 2021

On 15 May 2021 Steamrail sent K153, K190 and Y112 from Newport to Ballarat via Werribee and North Geelong for the Ballarat Heritage Festival.

Steamrail - Bendigo charter, June 2018

27 June 2018

On June 27, 2018 Steamrail ran a private charter from Southern Cross to Bendigo and return, with R711 leading sitting cars 600BK and 11AS, club car Moorabool, and power van PCP292.

Steamrail - Bendigo Easter special, April 2019

21 April 2019

On April 21, 2019 Steamrail led a special Easter train from Southern Cross to Bendigo and return, with R711  leading PCP292, 11AS, 8AS, Moorabool, 7ABE, 600BK and 700BK.

Steamrail - Bendigo Line 150th tour

21 October 2012

On October 21, 2012 Steamrail relaunched steam locomotive R711 into service, hauling a seven car to Bendigo for the 150th anniversary of the line opening. T364 went along push-pull for the empty cars ride between Newport and Southern Cross, reversing at Sunshine due to an occupation on the line via Yarraville

Steamrail - Bendigo, May 2015

16 May 2015

On May 16, 2015 R761 and K190 lead a heritage train from Melbourne to Bendigo, with K190 being detached at Castlemaine on the return journey, and exchanged with D3 639 from the Victorian Goldfields Railway.

Steamrail - Berwick-Pakenham steam shuttles, April 2010

25 April 2010

On April 25, 2010 Steamrail's K153 and K190 operated steam shuttles between Berwick and Pakenham.

Steamrail - Castlemaine charter, October 2018

28 October 2018

On 28 October 2018 Steamrail ran a charter train from Melbourne to Castlemaine and return, with R761 leading PCP292, Moorabool, 708BK, 25BE, 17BE, 18CE and water tank VZVF1.

Steamrail - Castlemaine charter, September 2017

16 September 2017

On 16 September 2017 Steamrail operated a charter from Melbourne to Castlemaine and return with A2 986, with carriages 17BE, 3ABE, 7ABE, 38BE, 1BCE, and water gin VZVF1. K190 was also attached to the down leg of the trip, on transfer to the Victorian Goldfields Railway.

Steamrail - Caulfield-Moorabbin shuttles, November 2017

25 November 2017

On 24 November 2017 Steamrail Victoria steam locomotives A2 986 and K153 hauled the preserved Tait train between Caulfield and Moorabbin.

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