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Ticketing systems of Sydney

Sydney uses a disparate collection of ticketing systems to collect fare on public transport: uses magstripe tickets, the multi-modal MyZone system covers much of the network, but each mode also issue their own tickets. T-Card was the first attempt at replacing it was a Smartcard system but failed, with the Opal system currently being introduced.

Open / Closed sign above a suburban CityRail station ticket window

19 July 2012 16:07 PM
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Large version of the CityRail ticket machine, with a touchscreen

18 July 2012 18:40 PM
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A monument to NSW's failed 'Tcard' smartcard ticketing system, at Douglas Park

12 May 2011 09:18 AM
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More buttons than a nuclear power station - a CityRail ticket vending machine

11 May 2011 10:59 AM
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List of ticket options for the mini-TVM at Goulburn station

10 May 2011 18:00 PM
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Mini-TVM at Goulburn station for selling CityRail tickets

10 May 2011 18:00 PM
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