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Ex-V/Line equipment from South Dynon freight terminal

Two doodads marked for scrap at South Dynon:

In V/Line orange is an internal transfer vehicle, purchased in 1989/1990 to shift containers around at the South Dynon Container Terminal. Unlike normal trailers it doesn't have twistlocks, the containers are just dropped into place. It has the number '6-61-001' on the side, which puts it with various other Victorian track machines that have numbers in the format.

In yellow are two Malcolm Moore lifting units that were part of the original container cranes at South Dynon. Each unit was secured to the lifting shaft on the gantry by chains, the lifting unit went up, down, sideways and could turn at least 180 degrees. The crane ran on the crane rails the total length on the operating area being around 700 metres. Either 20', 30' or 40' containers could be top lifted. Also four calliper lifting arms can be swung out and down to line up with the lifting pockets on 'bottom' lift units. Originally 6 'yellow cranes' were built for NSW in the 1970's for the Enfield container terminal, which was later cancelled, hence a pair were bought by the PTC.

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