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Vandals and scroats

And This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Trains.

So that's why train seats are always filthy - feet on the seats!

13 January 2012 18:18 PM
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Amazing! A Siemens seat that won't make your pants dirty if you sit down on it!

3 August 2011 06:53 AM
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The latest vandalism trend: tagging the platforms!?

21 February 2011 13:39 PM
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Yet another open cab door on a middle motor (this time X'Trapolis 24M)

I keep checking my cereal box for the free cab key promotion, but never get a set!

30 September 2010 08:47 AM
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"Siemens: if you can find a filthier train, we'll beat it"

28 September 2010 09:17 AM
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Comeng 442M as a centre cab of a 6 car set, the cab door still open after the vandals got into it

14 September 2010 09:12 AM
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I dunno why someone is hanging out the door of 788M... probably a vandal

27 February 2010 09:53 AM
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Vandals hang onto the rear of a Comeng, tagging the rear windscreen

I didn't know what to think when I saw this...

22 October 2008 16:32 PM
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Rubbish dumped by people too cheap to visit the tip

Beside the Melbourne-Geelong railway line at Manor Loop, next door to the Werribee Tip

13 January 2007 17:29 PM
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Carriage set VN18 a month or two after the graffiti was removed - the 10 year old paintwork underneath looks pretty shit

13 November 2006 13:59 PM
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Carriage of V/Line set VN18 covered in a floor to roofline graffiti mural

Having arrived from Albury, where stabling at the station is piss poor

17 October 2006 10:09 AM
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Temporary plastic panel to replace a broken door window on X'Trapolis 957M

3 October 2006 09:52 AM
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Temporary plastic window fitted to a passenger door on X'Trapolis 957M

3 October 2006 09:52 AM
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Alstom Comeng 479M with three graffiti murals on the side

14 August 2006 16:35 PM
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Inside view of an X'Trapolis with faulty door tagged out of use

A sticker is placed over the door open push button, and the whole thing is disconnected electrically with an override switch

28 February 2006 14:57 PM
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X'Trapolis with a faulty door tagged out of use

28 February 2006 14:56 PM
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