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V/Line bits and pieces

Just bits and pieces of V/Line trains, locomotives, carriages and railcars

The 'short van' BCH car of broken up set SH34

Tuesday 22 November 2005 15:03 PM
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Roof of power van PCO2 at Dudley Street carriage sidings

Note the lack of external mufflers, compared to the PCJ vans - this van is ex-West Coast Rail, who replaced the geneator inside

Tuesday 22 November 2005 14:16 PM
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East end of a MTH carriage

Sunday 20 November 2005 13:58 PM
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H set minus white stripes

Friday 16 September 2005 15:00 PM
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Air con units on a H set

Friday 16 September 2005 11:53 AM
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West end of a BTH carriage

Friday 16 September 2005 10:26 AM
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PCJ491 on the west end of a H set at Spencer Street platform 8 south

Tuesday 6 September 2005 15:03 PM
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West end of PCJ491

Tuesday 6 September 2005 15:03 PM
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1990s-era industrial action sign stored in the Spencer Street Station subway

You know you have industrial problems when you have a nice sign made up ready for when the train crews go on strike. It reads: "Due to industrial action the country and interstate train service has been substituted by road coaches. Passengers for trains on lines listed here under, are to please proceed to departure points listed below."

Monday 27 June 2005 14:13 PM
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