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Wagons and containers

Photos of various freight wagons - if I know what train they are on then the photos are sorted into albums by operator and service, otherwise they are in albums by wagon code. You can view the new wagon and container photos in the order they were uploaded at this page.

Abandoned carriage OWA91

30 October 2017

Wegmann carriage OWA91 was originally built for the Australian National Railways as BRF91 in 1952 as a second class 4 berth sleeping car with lounge accommodation. In 1973 it was converted into community health car for use on the Tea and Sugar and recoded to OWA91. In 1995 it was retired and in 1998 was sold to Mr M.Menzies of Victoria (Rail Experience). The carriage was transferred from Port Augusta in 2001 and by 2006 was stored under the old Cement Shed at the Melbourne Steel Terminal. It was destroyed by fire in arson attack in September 2017, and scrapped in May 2018.

AGWF grain hoppers

11 May 2011

Ex-Westrail narrow gauge grain hoppers, converted to standard gauge by current owner ARG / QR National for use on their new NSW grain contract.

AHAY grain wagons

1 May 2019

Ex-CFCLA CGAY grain hoppers now owned by GWA

AHGX grain hoppers

29 December 2010

Used on both broad and standard gauge by El Zorro in Victoria

AHWX ballast hoppers

16 October 2008

AOKF open wagons

30 September 2014

AOKF wagons were built by the Commonwealth Railways for use on the coal traffic between Leigh Creek and the Port Augusta Power Station

AQCY container flats

13 November 2009

Aurizon grain hoppers

22 August 2014

Aurizon operates grain services across Queensland on the narrow gauge

AZCF concrete sleeper flats

18 October 2007

Flat wagons constructed for the Commonwealth Railways in 1961 by Wiles Manufacturing Company Limited of Mile End, South Australia, classified "RG" and allocated road numbers 1651 through 1693. Later modified to carry concrete sleepers, and recorded AZCF.

BGGX / BGGY grain hoppers

27 October 2015

SSR Bendigo have refurbished a number of Victorian VHGY type grain hoppers as the BGGX / BGGY class

BGTY grain hoppers

26 April 2020

Chinese-built grain hoppers that entered service with Southern Shorthaul Railroad in 2018.

CFTX rail flats

30 May 2007

Originally CFSX / VZSX coded manual sleeper discharge wagons, in 2007 a number were painted bright yellow and converted into rail flats. Brought down to Melbourne, soon afterwards they went into storage at SSR Bendigo. The V/Line addenda says they were numbered 6101 - 6012.

CGDY grain hoppers

25 January 2014

Owned by CFCLA, 42 were built in 2003-04 by Alstom Ballarat

CGSY grain wagons

1 February 2017

CHMF ballast hoppers

7 August 2007

Broad gauge and CFLCA owned, they are recoded V/Line VZMF hoppers

CHOY ballast hoppers

26 December 2011

Broad gauge CFCLA owned ballast hoppers, with remote control discharge equipment and larger bottom discharge doors. Converted from CHMF hoppers, which were recoded V/Line VZMF hoppers. Since taking over the contract to operate Melbourne's rail network, Metro Trains Melbourne have hired these from CFCLA, operating trains using hired diesel locomotives. Their CHOY ballast hoppers are been rebranded and fitted with lighting, powered by generator wagon CFSX 125G.

CHQY ballast hoppers

16 September 2005

Standard gauge CFCLA owned ballast hoppers, with remote control discharge equipment

Container flats - PN standard gauge

9 July 2010

Container wagons as used by Pacific National on various standard gauge trains

Container flats - PN Warrnambool freight

16 August 2009

Various broad gauge container wagons was used by Pacific National on their Warrnambool service

Container flats - POTA MA2/AM2

2 November 2010

Container wagons as used by P&O Trans Australia on their MA2/AM2 Melbourne-Adelaide trains

Container flats - QR National MA6/AM6

6 July 2010

Container wagons as used by QR National on their MA6/AM6 Melbourne-Adelaide trains

Container flats - QR National MB7/BM7

31 July 2010

Container wagons as used by QR National on their MB7/BM7 Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane trains


24 December 2011

Containers - flat racks

25 January 2017

Flat rack containers are often used to carry large or unusual loads that would not fit into a standard shipping container

Containers - gensets and wagons

19 November 2020

Container mounted generator sets are provided on many trains to supply power to refrigerated containers, with wagons being equipped with electrical cabling

Containers - grain containers

1 October 2008

Assorted CFCLA containerised grain containers

Containers - tanktainers

29 September 2010

Tanks in the form of an ISO container

CQOY container flats

1 May 2010

Ex-SAR/ANR ROX type flat wagons

CQRX wagons

6 June 2010

Built as 75' long SFX / VFLX flat wagons for the Victorian Railways. Today used as side or end discharge rail transport flat wagons, concrete sleeper transport, carrying spoil containers, or as container flats

CQXY container flats

20 April 2017

Drawbar coupled '2 pack' container flats

Crew cars

3 December 2011

Also known as relay vans, crew cars are a passenger carriage specially fitted out for the use of train drivers, they are used by a number of freight operators on long distance services to cut down on the number of crew changes.

El Zorro flat wagons

8 September 2012

Miscellaneous wagons owned by El Zorro. Many of the older ones are either ancient ex-VR 'S' wagons, or various other other cut down junk.

HD wagons

14 September 2005

The HD group was used by the Victorian Railways to classify a wide variety of departmental rolling stock used for non-revenue traffic

HZM wagons

1 June 2006

A four wheeled wagon converted to carry bogies

KGBY grain hoppers

2 September 2021


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