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Wagons and containers

Photos of various freight wagons - if I know what train they are on then the photos are sorted into albums by operator and service, otherwise they are in albums by wagon code. You can view the new wagon and container photos in the order they were uploaded at this page.

Containerised grain - CFCLA

Assorted CFCLA containerised grain containers

Containers - flat racks

Flat rack containers are often used to carry large or unusual loads that would not fit into a standard shipping container

Containers - gensets and wagons

Container mounted generator sets are provided on many trains to supply power to refrigerated containers, with wagons being equipped with electrical cabling

Containers - tanktainers

Tanks in the form of an ISO container

CQDY container flats

1 October 2022

CQEY container flats

1 October 2022

CQHY container flats

1 October 2022

CQOY container flats

Ex-SAR/ANR ROX type flat wagons

CQRX wagons

Built as 75' long SFX / VFLX flat wagons for the Victorian Railways. Today used as side or end discharge rail transport flat wagons, concrete sleeper transport, carrying spoil containers, or as container flats

CQWY container flats

12 October 2022

CQXY container flats

22 November 2022

Drawbar coupled '2 pack' container flats

Crew cars

Also known as relay vans, crew cars are a passenger carriage specially fitted out for the use of train drivers, they are used by a number of freight operators on long distance services to cut down on the number of crew changes.

El Zorro flat wagons

Miscellaneous wagons owned by El Zorro. Many of the older ones are either ancient ex-VR 'S' wagons, or various other other cut down junk.

FRAY container wagons

5 October 2022

Container wagons used by SSR on the Fletcher International Exports train

GWA grain hoppers

4 June 2011

Grain hoppers used by GWA

HD wagons

The HD group was used by the Victorian Railways to classify a wide variety of departmental rolling stock used for non-revenue traffic

HZM wagons

A four wheeled wagon converted to carry bogies

KGBY grain hoppers

17 November 2022

KMQ wagons

Long wheelbase U, T and KAB four wheel wagons converted to carry 20 foot ISO containers during the 1970s and 1980s

LX / ALGX / ALGY louvred van

LX / ALGX / ALGY louvred vans originally built for the South Australian Railways

MGFH flour hoppers

6 October 2022


Car carrying wagons used for Motorail services

NGDX grain hoppers

10 October 2022

NGGF sugar hoppers

Used to convey sugar from Grafton in NSW to the Manildra Group sidings at North Dynon

NGKF grain hoppers

3 October 2022

NGPF grain hoppers

10 October 2022

NGXH grain hoppers

11 October 2022

NGYF grain hoppers

10 October 2022

NHJF limestone hoppers

10 October 2022

NHSH coal hoppers

4 October 2022


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