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Wagons and containers

Photos of various freight wagons - if I know what train they are on then the photos are sorted into albums by operator and service, otherwise they are in albums by wagon code. You can view the new wagon and container photos in the order they were uploaded at this page.

NPEF clinker hopper

3 October 2022

NPZH limestone hoppers

15 November 2014

NQHX container wagons

10 October 2022

NQTY container wagons

29 September 2022

PQAY container flats

29 September 2022

PQYY articulated container wagon

With a single bogie between the wells: most Australian multi-unit well wagons have separate bogies, the drawbars linking them instead

QHAH coal hoppers

4 October 2022

QQAY container flats

Built in 2000 as the BEZY class on the Queensland narrow gauge, in late 2004 a number were converted to standard gauge by QR National as the QQAY class.

QQEY container flats

Ex-Australian National container wagons now owned by QR National, fitted with electrical connections for refrigerated containers

QQGY container flats

Former FQX type container wagons, now with QR National

QQJY container flats

Ex-ANR container wagons, now owned by QR National

QQOY container flats

Ex-ARG AQEY 2 pack articulated container flat, now with QR National

QQPY container flats

Ex-ARG AQKY 2 pack articulated container flat, now with QR National

QR National online refuelling tankers

These appeared in late 2010 in what seemed to be a test for QR National, since they they seem to pop up on the east-west services to Adelaide and Perth.

Rail flat wagons

26 April 2022

RCAY steel wire wagons

Used to transport 'Contistretch' coil

RHEH limestone hoppers

10 October 2022

RHKY aggregate wagons

RHKY hopper wagons are used to transport quarry products from quarries in the Southern Highlands at South Marulan and Lynwood to consumers around New South Wales.

RLSY vans

9 December 2020


Operated by Australian National in the 1990s under the Trailerail brand.

RQLY container flats

24 September 2021

RQOC coil steel wagons

Jumbo coil wagons converted from existing VQOF/RKLX wagons in 2012, for the Pacific National coil steel traffic

SCT wagons

Various container wagons, box vans and refrigerated wagons as used by SCT Logistics on their Melbourne - Perth - Adelaide - Parkes services.

SCT wagons - Dooen freight

SCT Logistics mixes their own container wagons with wagons hired from CFCLA on their Melbourne-Dooen freight service

SGBF/SGSF grain hoppers

Qube Logistics' SGBF/SGSF grain hoppers, recoded from WGBY/WGSY

SGMY grain hoppers

Qube Logistics grain hoppers

SQEF container flats

80 foot long container wagons used by Qube Logistics on the broad gauge Maryvale freight service. Tare of 23.5T, capacity 76.5T. The bogies have wide bolsters and the wheel sets have a straight section for the wheel to be pressed in to SG.

SQSF container flats

Broad gauge version of the SQSY 40 foot gauge container wagons acquired by Qube Logistics in 2020 for use on their new steel contract

SQSY container flats

40 foot standard gauge container wagons acquired by Qube Logistics in 2020 for use on their new steel contract

Steel wagons - Pacific National standard gauge

Various wagons as used on the Pacific National standard gauge steel trains - for wagons with loads showing, I have included which city and direction the train was headed - WA is westbound, Port Kembla is eastbound

TQXF container flats

5 February 2017

40 foot container wagons purchased by TransVolution then acquired by Qube Logistics following their collapse

TQYF container wagons

24 December 2020

VECX container flats

Fitted with electrical connections for refrigerated containers


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