Wongm's Rail Gallery » Body bag at Williamstown Beach, February 2012

Body bag at Williamstown Beach, February 2012

A person died at Williamstown Beach platform 2 on February 15, 2012 sometime before 4pm. The body bag stayed on the platform for at least 30 minutes: trains towards Williamstown ran express through platform 2, but passengers for the city could still wait for trains on the opposite platform, looking over to the body bag.

Down trip, 4pm. Police and Metro staff stand over the body bag

Wednesday 15 February 2012 15:59 PM
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Arriving into Williamstown Beach on a Hitachi, a dozen waiting passengers on the up platform looking over to a corpse

Wednesday 15 February 2012 16:28 PM
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30 minutes later, Metro staff and Victoria Police still waiting for someone to collect the body from the platform

Wednesday 15 February 2012 16:29 PM
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