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Workshops Rail Museum

Located in the former Queensland Rail railway workshops at Ipswich, the Workshops Rail Museum houses a vast collection of railway related displays, as well as an adjoining workshop for the maintenance and restoration of the QR heritage fleet.

Rear view of a decommissioned CTC panel from the Brisbane suburban area

Monday 13 April 2015 15:09 PM
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Decommissioned CTC panel from the Brisbane suburban area

Rocklea, Moolabin, Lytton, Lindum and Salisbury feature

Monday 13 April 2015 15:10 PM
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Screw coupler in position inside the knuckle coupler on a Queensland Rail loco

Monday 13 April 2015 15:12 PM
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Timekeepers office at the entrance to the Ipswich Railway Workshops

Monday 13 April 2015 15:14 PM
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Plaque marking the centenary of the Ipswich Railway Workshops in 1985

Monday 13 April 2015 15:16 PM
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Plaque on a sandstone plinth, previous used to hold the steam driven line shafting

Monday 13 April 2015 15:16 PM
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Check-in discs for employees, once found in the Timekeepers Office

Monday 13 April 2015 15:19 PM
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